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Developing perovskite-based solar panels

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - AlbaSolar (Developing perovskite-based solar panels)

Période du rapport: 2017-05-01 au 2017-09-30

The Albacomp RI Ltd. development, Albasolar technology is a perovskite-based 110 and 200W solar panel the efficiency level of which is comparable to the competitors, and increasing in a very rapid pace, allowing us to offer a nearly the same performance panel for a much cheaper price. During Phase 1 of this grant proposal, a detailed feasibility study has been worked out in order to specify the needed new modules/features to elevate the current technological readiness level (TRL 6) to industrial readiness and identified how to prepare for the first business period. In Phase 1, we have modeled the innovation of the Phase2 project as well as the first business period related to our developments, potential market channels, applied business models, pricing, utilizations and risks.
The study consists of 4 main chapters describing our achievements:
Technical viability: Possible development alternatives and technical solutions were investigated with respect to the aimed TRL level (TRL9). Further developments contain 4 main objectives to accomplish TRL9. We listed the main competetive advantages against of the competing technological solutions. Besides this we have analysed the risks concerning the R&D actitivies and technological barriers to be solved during the implementation period.
IP evaluation: The freedom to operate search has been carried out with the following results: the analysis of patent documents led to the conclusion that there can be interference with the claims of the recognized patents but our invention concept targets the still open possibilities, therefore we have enough wiggle-room to develop a novelty and to claim its IP rights concerning key solutions.
Phase2 project plan: Based on the feasibility and technical viability checks, a professional detailed project plan has been established utilizing international professional methods. We used agile project planning method. A 2.72 millon EUR project was developed with the aim of developing TRL9 market ready perovskite-based solar panel.
Market research and business plan: Primary and secondary market research have been conducted in support of our business model calculations. Our elaborated business plan has been compiled in harmony with results of the primary market research and the freedom-to-operate analyses.
Results of our efforts during Phase 1 and upon successful completion of the remaining phases, a market-ready novel perovskite-based solar panel will be finalized to meet the targeted users’ needs and social challenges. With developed prevoskite-based modules the manufacturing technology of which is significantly more economic (due to the lower temperature and therefore energy required) and as a consequence, tremendously cheaper to produce and generates less environmental load than the currently dominant silicon based ones while being competitive with the silicon based counterparts in terms of efficiency and lifespan.
Energy security and reducing the share of fossil energy sources in energy consumption and so reducing greenhouse gas emission are goals that carry strategic importance not only for Europe but also for humanity. It is an EU priority to increase the share of renewables to 20% by 2020 and to 30% by 2030 and the goals of this project fit perfectly into these directives. The AlbaSolar technology is significantly cheaper and takes less environmental load (less energy required). The technology to be developed can aid in supplying electricity to the regions of the world currently not connected to any kind of grid.
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