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Improving health the fun way… seriously

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SidekickHealth (Improving health the fun way… seriously)

Période du rapport: 2017-05-01 au 2017-08-31

The global prevalence of diabetes has nearly doubled since 1980, from 4.7% to 8.5%. Modifying lifestyle can contribute to a significant reduction in diabetes risk. Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), aims to address the key risk factors for diabetes, which is to maintain a weight reduction of initial body weight in a person through modest caloric restriction and physical activity of moderate intensity. We propose an AI-driven, data-driven and gamified software-as-a-service that engages people with pre-diabetes to change their lifestyle to reduce risk of type 2 diabetes using Behavioural Economics we call SIDEKICKHEALTH. Initial RCT showed that SIDEKICKHEALTH had a 2.97-fold increase in the achievement in 5 % weight-loss, and significantly higher program adherence compared to traditional methods. Our strategy for the next 5 years is to enter the European market UK, Benelux countries and Scandinavian countries- This approach will allow us to achieve 38.4M€ in revenue and grow our employees 85 people
Technical feasibility: We have identified multiple product adaptions to improve the performance of SIDEKICKHEALTH as well as new developments that will strengthen the overall platform for our customers and end users. These adaptions and developments include:
• Optimization of our gamification approach to European markets.
• Enhancing the AI capability of SIDEKICKHEALTH.
• Improving the performance of our backend and responsiveness of our User Interface (UI).
• Integration with wearables and activity trackers.
• Developing a B2C payment platform.
• Business plan and commercial activities:
Commercial feasibility: Our commercial launch in the EU will start with commercial pilot building on the knowledge method of our activities in the US. We have reached agreement the UK with Reed Momenta; and in Sweden, with Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden to conduct a clinical trial.
FTO and Regulations: As are go to market plan we assess potential infringement IP we carefully assess all patents what were similar to ensure there are no infringement issues and make modifications in development where needed.

Regulatory environment
SIDEKICKHEALTH is not a medical device , currently SIDEKICKHEALTH complies partially with ISO standard SCCI 0129 mandatory UK safety standard. We are working on aligning (HIPAA) to the compliance requirements for SCCI-0129.
Type 2 diabetes causes 86% of deaths and 70-80% of healthcare costs in Europe. We offer a clinically validated and evidence-based, gamified platform for screening and health-behavior change. Our platform shows industry-leading outcomes: 82% retention at 4 months; 6-8 daily user activities on platform, and improvements when compared to standard programs, including 30% improved adherence, 76% increased weight loss and 65% reduced soda consumption. We have worked with Diabetes Prevention Programmes in the US and have reported 3x more participants reach weigh loss goal when paired with SideKick. In addition, we report 60% increase in ROI for DPPs which can translate to huge healthcare savings across Europe.