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Next generation solar active facade element Solar ventilation air preheater SVAP

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SVAP (Next generation solar active facade element Solar ventilation air preheater SVAP)

Reporting period: 2017-04-01 to 2017-09-30

The company SVA from Lithuania has developed a very unique and innovative solar air preheater based on unique patented design of heat exchanger and the junction with the air sourced heat pump. Technology that uses utilization of solar thermal energy in building facades. By combining an existing technology for air-sourced heat pumps with a unique solar air preheating collector SVAP (using a patented heat exchanger), solar infrared spectrum will be converted into the thermal energy and improving the air-sourced heat pumps coefficient of performance or COP. During the SME Instrument Phase 1 project SVAP, a feasibility study of SVAP active facade solar unit, was performed and a business plan was elaborated. The findings of the feasibility study validated the innovation and unique value proposition of the product with users, industry and the active facades and heat pumps market. The objective of the SVAP project was to conduct a feasibility study to validate the technical and manufacturing aspects of the SVAP units and to develop an elaborated business plan. The feasibility study included the following aspects: market research, development of a business model, pilot project for the target group, pilot project for the end users, and development of a business plan.
Based on the conclusions of the feasibility study and the results of the project with all the underlying tasks, the positive results, feedback, and viable market entry strategy entail that SVA will continue to develop its product in order to effectively expand into first (Lithuania and Polish) and later, second priority markets (Germany, Latvia, Sweden, Netherlands and other) and thereby set a new standards for environmental friendly solution to increase COP of air sourced heat pumps. The strategic points laid out in the business plan are in line with SVA’s objective to reach full production capacity by producing over 30.000 m2. This objective will be reached as SVA becomes fully operational in its second priority markets by 2022.
During the Phase 1 of SME Instrument, the following activities were conducted: market research, development of a business model, pilot project for the target group, pilot project for the end users, and development of a business plan. Market research consisted of a detailed analysis into the flat solar panels, heat pumps markets of Lithuania Poland Germany and Scandinavian countries; an analysis of the needs and requirements of the product’s target audience and end users; competition analysis of distributors and retailers; and a marketing analysis. Preliminary laboratory tests of the product’s effectiveness in terms of heating and rising the COP of the heat pumps were performed. The results of this task enabled SVA to develop a business model and
carry out pilot projects with the product’s end users and target audience. The results of the pilot project with target audience, which was conducted with distributors in Lithuania and Poland, revealed there is a market demand for SVAP active facades units. Further design of a final product is needed in order to manufacture the product in high quantities and enabling fast scaling. Pilot projects with end users (homeowners and commercial owners), which were conducted in homes and offices helped SVA to develop and validate value propositions to these groups, and validated the effectiveness of the product in real-life environment and validated the market demand and willingness to pay from end-users. And will be continued in 2018. The results of these activities resulted in the development of a feasibility study and an elaborated
business plan. The business plan will provide valuable input towards SVA and its product’s further development in commercializing and scaling its product to other markets.
The overall objective of SVA is to provide customers an energy efficient, friendly, comfortable
active facades panels and increasing the COP of the existing air sourced heat pumps. option. SVAP are the only solution that allows energy savings all year long in existing and new buildings and is applicable in existing houses as well as in passive and energy plus buildings. The SVAP actively increase the temperature of the supply air in the colder months and can keep it heated during the warmer months for domestic preparation needs. Preliminary laboratory tests have validated the technical capacity of the technology and pilot tests with manufacturers validated the product’s manufacturability. Pilot tests with end-users proved the capability to save energy and maintain a higher by 1.5-3 times COP of the tested heat pumps during the sunny days.
SVA’s ambition and expected final result is to offer customers a completely new innovative category of
affordable active facades panels that offers users the opportunity to lower their energy bills, decrease their carbon footprint, in one single solution. Next steps will be the design of a final product that can be manufactured in high quantities for fast market entry and scaling to meet expected high global demand for SVAP effective solar panels.
SVAP during the exibition Resta
SVAP instalation process
SVAP instalation ugrade by PV