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The growth in world trade has resulted in enterprises that are increasingly moving towards global manufacturing where parts are manufactured and assembled in a number of countries. The effective coordination between various manufacturing facilities is crucial for international competitiveness. This project addresses the Concurrent Engineering Design of products so that they can be manufactured in several countries with optimum coordination that results in highly efficient production and logistics.

Organisations from Canada, Europe and the US participated in a one year study of Global Concurrent Engineering to find the best practices and to design the architecture as well as investigating the major constraints on global manufacturing and the extent to which Concurrent Engineering can overcome the impediments. The goal was to achieve rapid product realisation through customer-driven designs and through agile manufacturing.

The project was industry-led with a strong contribution from universities and involved large, medium and small companies. The contributions of companies from the different regions addressed the life-cycle of products from research, design and prototyping, through commercial deployment.

The following technical themes were addressed:

Enterprise Integration
Systems Architecture

Global Manufacturing
Concurrent Engineering
Organisation and economic aspects

Human and Organisational Aspects
Human Oriented Production Systems
Internal and External Team Working


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