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The long-term goal of this IMS Test Case was to develop and deploy a set of technologies and business practices which would lead to Rapid Product Development for a wide range of applications. Rapid product development was pursued in an international setting necessary for global competitiveness. The goals of this Test Case were:

- to conduct an unprecedented worldwide assessment of rapid prototyping and measurement technologies
- to develop business and management practices that will accelerate the deployment and utilisation of these technologies.

This Test Case project was structured to test the modalities of international R&D collaboration. The leading-edge nature of the technologies that were explored tested the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) provisions within the Consortium. The research conducted in each of the tasks was evenly distributed among the partners with a high degree of dependence between regions. The consortium partners designed and manufactured numerous parts to assess the present and emerging capabilities in rapid prototyping fabrication and measurement technologies. An international conference disseminated the R&D information obtained from this Test Case.

The consortium conducted a highly integrated set of R&D activities across four regions. A strong industry-led team was organised with worldclass institutes, universities, and government laboratories.


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