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InvizBox Go 4G - Security and Privacy, Everywhere

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - GO 4G (InvizBox Go 4G - Security and Privacy, Everywhere)

Reporting period: 2017-07-01 to 2017-12-31

Data security and the legal right to privacy are under constant threat from hackers, external nation states, large corporations, organised criminals and others. The problem for many people is that they are unsure how to protect themselves from these attacks on their security and privacy. This has several knock-on effects, including reduced consumer confidence, identity theft, lost revenue, lost intellectual property, and reputational damage to companies and individuals.

Public WiFi is also becoming more and more popular with the number of public WiFi hotspots estimated to reach 420 million worldwide by 2020 [ref]. While this availability brings many benefits to consumers and businesses, it also brings many new opportunities for hackers. An attacker can position themselves between the user and the WiFi connection point, passively intercepting all network traffic. Open source tools like RogueWiFi and hardware tools like WiFiPineapple exist to make this job as easy as possible for attackers.

InvizBox have developed numerous hardware and software solutions to solved the aforementioned problems. During the course of the project we set out to conduct a feasibility study and determine our various routes to market. This involved engaging with our potential customers for viability on product features and use cases.
Market Research :
To get the best results from this task we used survey monkey along with attending some of the largest trades shows including CES, Mobile World Congress Americas and Wire Security conference in London. We survey our current customer base and also contacted potentials customers. The overall results were positive and matched our initial research that the market is there and is a growing concern for end consumers and SME alike. The data privacy market will only continue growing in the future as more and more threats exists and become public.

Requirement Refinement :
As a result of the trade show and customer surveys we have had great success in creating a product roadmap of features that will meet the demand of the customers.

Hardware Determination :
After the requirements were gathers we began testing the multiple hard SOC that would provide the best performance Vs cost for the given features. The testing focused on mainly Arm V7 and Mips architectures. On the preliminary results Arm v7 has the potentials to meet all our requirements

Regulatory and IPR Strategy :
During the course of the project we search various patent databases and have not found anything that matches our use-case. We also developed open educational only licence for our source code that permits third part security audits and build trusts in the code base.

Manufacturing Partner :
We have contacted, assessed and continue to discuss the manufacturing of the product with 2 European manufactures. Results are still in preperation.

Business Plan :
The business plan and all aspects of this document have started.
The InvizBox Go 4G will be a game-changing product in the cyber security market across Europe and worldwide. By removing barriers to secure VPN connectivity such as the requirement for native software VPN support and offering wide ranging connectivity choices, the InvizBox Go 4G clearly goes beyond current state of the art.