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The first Large European Antenna with a diameter larger than 5 meters


Terrestrial demands on space missions are increasing rapidly in terms of complexity, technology and velocity. Next to navigation (GPS, GALILEO), science (investigation of space and the universe) and exploration (ISS, Mars), two types of space missions are very important for Europe: Earth Observation (EO, for the sustainability of nature and mankind) and Telecommunication (TC, for business and global connectivity). Each mission requires partly unique technologies, which are produced by only very few global suppliers.

If these technologies are not available from within Europe, there is a danger that non-dependent missions may not be performed, created and tailored with a consequent loss of sovereignty in political decisions and a loss of market shares. One of these so-called “Critical Technologies” is the “Large Deployable Reflector (LDR)”.

Packed in stowed configurations, these reflectors can be accommodated on satellites, which then still comply with the limited launcher fairing volumes. By enlarging the size of the reflector it is possible to offer higher sensitivity and resolution, e.g. for radar missions (EO & science) and implement stronger communication links for e.g. higher data throughput (TC).
Within the upcoming eight years the demand for such reflectors will increase worldwide, whereas the Consortium targets a certain market share with its “Large European Antenna (LEA)”. The proposed H2020 project would now enable the combination of the technologies previously developed by the consortium members and the joining of further European entities to fill the remaining gaps and form one strong and complete European team. Through obtaining an EC-grant for LEA, each building block will be upgraded with innovation, adapted to a scenario and qualified to meet one common target, namely:
1st European PFM (including reflector and arm) reaching TRL 8 to be ready for integration by the end of 2020 and for flight in 2021.


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