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Towards a next generation of water systems and services for the circular economy.


Operational demo cases

This deliverable will provide evidence that the demo cases are operational. Evidence would be appropriate to each demo case’s scope, including for example plans, pictures, audio-visual material, press releases etc).

Assessment of baseline conditions for all demo cases

This deliverable will include the current status of all case studies for each of the cycles to be addressed. It will serve as description of the case studies before the implementation of the technologies and strategies considered in the project.

Technology Evidence Base initial version

This deliverable is a data base summarizing the results of the various NextGen solutions for circular water services. Target groups are municipalities, operator and consulting companies, which will be able to use the Technology Evidence Base within decisions making processes for more circular water management schemes.

NextGen Water in the CE re-design toolbox initial version

The tools and methods, collected, improved and demonstrated during the assessment and redesign tasks in Nextgen will be consolidated and made available within the freeware NextGen Toolbox.

Greenfield implementation in Filton Airfield

This deliverable will report on the potential for circular solutions at a greenfield location Filton Airfield It will integrate the outcomes from the subtasks 127 alternative water sources 131 heat and energy recovery and 149 nutrient recovery as part of the masterplan for the Filton Airfield site development

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