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Innovative circular solutions and services for new business opportunities in the EU housing sector


BIM models and material passport of the Spanish and Austrian demos: Demo 1 and Demo 4

The D4.3 will present a detailed review of the inventory of used materials of the Frontrunner buildings 1 and 4 considering both material passport strategies, the definition of deconstruction plans for afterlife applications and the BIM modelling for the demo sites. This task relates to the establishment of HOUSEFUL solution S3 for mentioned buildings but will be also used for the definition of technical specifications and execution projects in Task (D4.2). This deliverable is related to Task 4.1.

Reference methodologies and KPIs in circular economy analysis

Establishment of the most relevant calculation methodologies and KPIs to be considered in the circular economy analysis to be deployed during the project. The technically pre-selected KPIs will be then considered when engaging stakeholders in task 3.1., as well as for the circular economy baseline evaluation (D4.3) and for the validation of HOUSEFUL solutions at building scale (D4.6). This deliverable is related to Task 2.3.

Project leaflet

The HOUSEFUL leaflet, addressing European stakeholders at large, will provide information on the main characteristics of the project and its expected results and impacts. Key key information and messages will be adapted to properly engage the different stakeholders identified in Task 3.1. This deliverable is related to Task 7.2.

Flyers (Communication materials for stake-holder engagement)

The flyer will inform local citizens and stakeholders about the HOUSEFUL solutions demonstrated in the project, including the SaaS, with simple and easy-to-understand messages. The flyer will have a common visual identity, but contents will be customized according to the specificity of each Frontrunner building. This deliverable is related to Task 7.2.

Report on public communication, networking and clustering activities (version I)

Report regarding the activities related to communication strategies deployed during the project with respect to public communication, including articles and interviews, videos (D7.3, D7.4 and D7.9), press and news releases and pageflow (D7.8); networking and clustering activities, such as participation in fairs and conferences, activities with other circular economy projects and events attended and organized by the project. This deliverable is related to Task 7.4.

Social engagement strategy for the co-creation of HOUSEFUL solutions as new services (version I)

A detailed review on the stakeholders’ identification and analysis process for the different CEBOs and DEMO locations will be done. Definition of the social engagement strategy that will assure proper co-creation actions during the project, establishing a clear roadmap for Tasks 3.2, as well as defining the basis for the demonstration of S2 solution. This deliverable is related to Task 3.1. To be updated in M26 including results from Demo 1 (D3.4)

Circular economy audit: Baseline calculation for Demo 1 and 4

This Deliverable reports the results of an exhaustive circular economy audit on the initial status of two Frontrunner buildings, Demo 1 and Demo 4, in the four targeted vectors (i.e. water, waste, energy, materials) and in four dimensions (i.e. technological, social, environmental, economic), considering the identified KPIs and calculation methods set in WP2 (D2.3). The baseline data will be a key element for the technical definition specifications (task 4.2), optimization (task 4.3) and monitoring (task 4.4). This deliverable is related to Task 4.1.

HOUSEFUL website

Design and launch of the HOUSEFUL website, where a description of the project (objectives and expected impacts), news, progress and milestones accomplished, direct connection with the SaaS solution developed in WP6 and other related external platforms and initiatives will be available for consultation. This deliverable is related to Task 7.3.

Project presentation video

A short animation video addressing multiple stakeholders with key basic messages, facts and features of the HOUSEFUL project and its foreseen impacts in the circular economy of buildings will be produced to present the project in an easy-to-understand way. The video will be accessible on the website, promoted on social media and used in events to introduce the project. This deliverable is related to Task 7.3.

Call-To-Action video

A specific video format based on animations and infographics aimed at engaging stakeholders in frontrunner buildings and inviting them to undertake actions will be produced to support citizen and stakeholder engagement activities. This deliverable is related to Task 7.2.

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