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New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction


Workshop for setting up the LCA framework

This deliverable is connected with Task 7.1 (Environmental assessment and LCA during all phases of the project (from materials to demonstrations, value chains). The workshop is intended to engage relevant stakeholder from the beginning of the project, to raise awareness about the LCA tool and to get input for the next steps of WP7 (and the whole project). Workshop report will include stakeholders needs in term of sustainability communication and their input to assure that all the relevant issues will be properly taken into consideration in developing the sustainability footprint.

Project web site

This deliverable is connected to Task 8.3 (Communication). The CINDERELA Project Website will be the important dissemination, open innovation and knowledge management tool inside and outside the project. It will contain public and log-in sections. The log-in section will be reserved for partners and authorized registered users with different user rights.

Flow maps and data based for selected urban areas

This deliverable is connected with Task 3.1 (Flow map of urban and peri-urban areas).It will provide the urban metabolism analyses of the studied regions, i.e. Maribor region (Slovenia), selected county in Croatia, Madrid (Spain), Trento (Italy), Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Silesia region (Poland).