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Smart Water Management Platform


IoT Communication and Storage Substrate

Specification and implementation of the IoT communication and storage substrate.

Deployment and management services

Documentation and implementation of the SWAMP PnP deployment and remote software management services to be used in pilot set-up and maintenance.

Virtual entity extensions for smart water management

Specification of the initial VE representations and associated IoT Service reference implementations.

Smart Precision Irrigation application

Application and documentation for pilot.

Optimization for water irrigation

Models for intelligent water irrigation policies.

Water distribution service

Contains the rules, criteria and operations intended to optimize the water distribution system for the irrigation purpose.

Final SWAMP platform

Final SWAMP platform at the end of the project, which includes revised versions of architecture and services.

Final data collection and storage services

Contains final version of the SWAMP data collection and storage layers including the 1) communication and storage infrastructure, 2) specification and reference implementation of drone as an IoT Service concept and 3) VE representations and associated IoT Service reference implementations.

Pilot infrastructure implementations

This deliverable will present detailed specification of the implementation of each pilot (architecture, data models, etc) and the specification of IoT platform components for pilots.

Smart water management application

Application and documentation for pilot.

Initial SWAMP core platform

Snapshot of the SWAMP core platform, which will be deployed into the initial pilot systems.

Water need estimation

Models for timely and high-resolution site-specific water irrigation need.

IoT device for water management specification

Architecture and requirements of IoT device (IoT robot) comped by sensors, hardware and autonomy specification.

Intermediate dissemination and communication activity report

1st year dissemination and communication report.

Pilot evaluation report

Final evaluation report on the feasibility and value of IoT platforms and services to water management in precision agriculture with minimal human intervention.

Pilot specification report

Descriptions of general devices, models and requirements from SWAMP platform, the agricultural models to each pilot and parameters to take into consideration and the instrumentation related for monitoring each crop.

Communication plan

Communication plans

Intermediate dissemiation and communication activity report

2nd year intermediate report on dissemination and communication activities.

Final dissemination and communication activity report

Final report on dissemination and communication activities.

Drone gateway platform specifications

Architecture and requirements of drone based sensor gateway for short range and low powered sensors.

Dissemination plan

Dissemination plans

Initial SWAMP architecture specification

Contains the documentation of the initial SWAMP platform, which will guide the design and development work in WP2 and WP3.

Data Management Plan

Plan for open access of scientific publications and handling of research data.

Pilot execution report

Report describing how pilots have been executed and what are the essential findings related to farming.


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What will the future hold for EU-BR collaboration in ICT?

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SWAMP: a Platform for IoT-based Precision Agriculture (in Portuguese: SWAMP: uma plataforma para irrigação de precisão baseada na Internet das Coisas)

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