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Predicting Effective Adaptation to Breast Cancer to Help Women to BOUNCE Back


Data Management Plan

D8.4 Contains the plan of data management, especially storage and usage of data after the project. The plan is based on the Guidelines on Open Access to Scientific Publications and Research Data in Horizon 2020 and will be submitted on a voluntary basis to the Open Research Data Pilot

Communication Activities Report

D8.3 Is as report documenting the communication activities of the project partners.

BOUNCE Requirements & Usage Scenarios

D1.2 is the direct outcome of T1.2 and documents the BOUNCE target group segments/characteristics, the BOUNCE usage scenarios, the functional and non-functional requirements, and their translation into systemic and technical requirements.

Dissemination & Scientific Workshop Activities Report

D8.2 Is a report documenting the dissemination, clustering and standardization activities as well as the CS-IFG related activities of the project partners.

Identification of Internal and External Data Sources and Registries

D3.1 identifies all pre-existing data sets (Consortium-internal and external) that can be used to build a preliminary model of resilience before the pilot studies begin.

Initail Design and Implementation of the Preliminary In Silico Resilience Trajectory Predictor

D4.2 contains the mathematical models generated from the data as well as the aggregation of the models. (first version)

BOUNCE Value Chain

D1.1 is the direct outcome of T1.1 and documents the value chain of BOUNCE as well as the identified scientific, technical, industrial and societal stakeholders related to the specific value chain.

Final semantic model (using real data)

D3.3 contains the semantic model, ie the translations necessary to make when integrating separate data sets with different variables and variable names. For the final version real data from the pilot partners will be used

Definition and assessment of multi-level factors potentially affecting resilience

D2.2 contains the results of task 2.2: a list of factors potentially affecting resilience, both constant and time-varying.

BOUNCE Conceptual & Reference Architecture

D5.1 is the direct outcome of Task 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 and will document the innovative, open, reference architecture of the overall BOUNCE framework and the holistic security approach that will be adopted to safeguard the security of the sensitive information.

Definition and assessment of resilience in women with Breast Cancer

D2.1 contains the description of the definition of resilience and a list of measures for resilience.

Clinical pilot methodology and preparatory actions

D6.1. contains a description of the pilot protocol including inclusion and exclusion criteria, data to be gathered,points in the treatment process when collect what data, and how to collect and store the data.

BOUNCE Methodology

D1.3 is the direct outcome of T1.3 and documents the elaborated BOUNCE methodology, and the state of the art analysis on existing open source / commercial methods, data services, components and tools that can be integrated into the BOUNCE services and platform infrastructure.

Initial semantic model (using existing data)

D3.2 contains the semantic model, ie the translations necessary to make when integrating separate data sets with different variables and variable names. For the initial version exiting data will be used

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