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Charting Impact Pathways of Investment in Research Infrastructures


Minutes of 2nd advisory board meeting

The minutes will summarise the discussions of the advisory board including recommendations and action points for input to future project activities

Concept note of the modular IA framework

The concept note is an input pape for the 1st round of participatory workshops which will cover the participatory method, the overall IA modular framework, key discussion questions and the process for the workshops.

Final methodological handbook

A methodological handbook that provides all details about the defined IA pathways and assumptions included in the design of the logical models. The handbook will also provide all details on the implementation processes and data gathering routines necessary for carrying out a ‘light’ and more comprehensive version of an impact assessment of RI.

Consolidated report on the participatory workshop results

This report will contain: • In-depth description of the process of IA logic model revision • The modified, final IA logic model and its schematic representation, including the core model and its sub-models for each distinct type of RIs • In-depth description of the process of the IA logic model implementation • Detailed IA indicator templates, including dedicated sections for specific types of RIs Summary of all workshop minutes in Annex.

Minutes of 1st advisory board meeting

The minutes will summarise the discussions of the advisory board including recommendations and action points for input to future project activities

Report on stocktaking results and initial IA model

This report will summarise the results of the literature review and consultation, as well as the interaction during the workshops, A second section will present an initial IA model. A list of open issues will be also outlines and left for further investigation in the subsequent tasks. A preliminary list of indicators together with metrics and tools for measurement will be proposed

Validated IA Model

This report will include the results from the policy workshop and will include conclusions on how the devised model can be best applied in practice after piloted with the selected RIs.

Working note on RI typology

To properly account for the key differentiating factors among RIs that bear relevance to socio-economic impact assessment, the project team will construct an operational matrix of RI typology. This typology will form the basis for developing the modular aspects of the IA model.

Communication plan

The communication plan will describe the required activities and tools that will be implemented as well the timetable of activities and communication deliverables.

Data management plan

Will specify how research publications and data will be collected, processed, monitored, catalogued, and disseminated during the project's lifetime .

Interactive web-based IA guide

An interactive web-based tool that operationalises the procedures and protocols that consortium members have developed.

Website operational

A project website developed using Drupal technology will be launched by the end of month 2. A short deliverable report will be submitted describing the website architecture and functionalities.

Publication of newsletter

Online web- and e-mailing list format newsletter available in HTML and PDF

Promotion and communication material

Printed and digital brochures, flyers, and posters for the promotion of the project and its results will be available from month 6 onwards, the material will be updated or added to on a six monthly cycle. The deliverable to be submitted in month 6 will be the first round of materials.

Open access-journal articles

Drafting and submission of at least three journal articles &/or conference papers. A publication strategy will be developed by the mid-term of the project (lead Fraunhofer). All partners will be encouraged to collaborate on the submission of articles and conference papers.

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