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A Framework for Pairing Circular Economy and IoT: IoT as an enabler of the Circular Economy circularity-by-design as an enabler for IoT (CE-IoT)


Business models for interplay of circular economy with IoT

This report will document the IoT enabled circular business models in terms of design, development of product-service roadmaps and respective digital strategies

SDN, NFV and network orchestration mechanisms for IoT applications

This report will describe the IoT connectivity by developing the necessary control mechanisms and algorithms which guarantee the IoT applications requirements on bandwidth guarantee, resiliency, delay or latency in a multi-domain multi-layer network scenario, the Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) to remove complexity from Local and Access sensor networks and a North Bound Interface (NBI) for the SDN Orchestrator in order to provide dedicated networking services for the different IoT clients

LCA and CSPDI patterns

This deliverable will define and describe the syntax and semantics of the pattern specification language and the semantic annotations for LCA and CSDPI patterns.

Circular economy supply chains enhanced by IoT

This report will document Reverse Logistics in Circular Economy and IoT, methods for maximisation of the ‘retained values’ of servitised products and recovery strategies management mechanisms.

The emerging intelligent assets landscape

This report will describe the Emerging Intelligent Asset Landscape following a similar methodology to ENISA Emerging Threat Landscape reports.

Project website and communication infrastructure (M1)

The porject Web site as well as communication infrastructure that will be used in the project such as files repository, teleconference tools etc.

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