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Thinking rough towards sustainability

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - e.THROUGH (Thinking rough towards sustainability)

Reporting period: 2018-01-01 to 2019-12-31

To tackle its critical raw material (CRM) dependency, Europe needs comprehensive strategies based on sustainable primary mining, recovery from secondary resources and recycling. The EC classified 27 CRMs due to their high economic importance and high risk of supply interruption. e.THROUGH has the ambitious vision of turning the challenge of CRMs dependence into a strategic strength for Europe, contributing towards declassifying some CRMs, as tungsten, indium, gallium and chromium, by: 1) Promoting new trends in the characterization and exploration of mineral deposits; 2) Mapping CRMs between EU mining regions; 3) Gaining knowledge on innovative processes for recovery secondary CRMs; 4) Redesign construction materials using secondary materials, closing loops, strongly supporting waste minimization; 5) Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for the evaluation of global environmental impacts; 6) Transferring newly generated knowledge to stakeholders, for shaping responsible behaviours. e.THROUGH is an intersectoral and interdisciplinary consortium of EU & Third Country partners of leading institutions that see waste as a resource to recover CRMs, influencing the whole value chain. By training human resources in CRMs´ value chain, their recovery, recycling, further reuse and LCA, they become the much needed young and senior scientists and engineers for the growing EU CRM industry. Two high-level objectives were defined for the e.THROUGH project to help improving: i) Availability of qualified and skilled workforce leading to higher competitiveness of the EU CRM industry, and ii) Transparency and communication by looking at multidisciplinary oriented research on mining development.
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During the first 12 months of the project (M1-M12), 30.15 secondments were carried out vs. the 43 planned, representing a 70.12% execution.
During the reporting period (M1-M24), 77.51 secondments were carried out vs. the 88 planned, representing a 88.08% execution. These secondments succeeded in training human resources in CRMs´ value chain, in primary mining, their recovery, recycling, further reuse and LCA. Like this, 9 Early Stage Researcher (ESR) and 18 Experienced Researcher (ER) are becoming the much needed young and senior scientists and engineers for the growing EU CRM industry. These 27 secondees,15 male and 12 female, went on secondment, being interesting to remark that although male are in majority as ER, just the opposite occurs for ESR.
The project has 6 work packages (WP) entitled:
WP1 - Management, Coordination and Promotion
WP2 - Modelling mineral deposits and tailings disposal volumes, and their economic potential assets
for mining and re-mining
WP3 - Advanced CRM recovery and further reuse of residues in construction materials
WP4 - Developing talent
WP5 - Transferring knowledge to stakeholders to make transitions happen
WP6 - Ethical aspects
Most of the secondments were carried out within the WP2 and WP3, the research activity ones. The generated scientific knowledge obtained by e.THROUGH already contributed and will continue to contribute for a win-win situation both for the environment and the economy, promoting the required transition towards a sustainable society. So far e.THROUGH achieved the following publications and other dissemination and communication activities: 13 Peer-reviewed international journals (IJ); 26 participations in International conferences (IC); 3 Thesis/Dissertation (T); 2 Patents (P); 2 Organisation of a Conference (OC); 7 Organisation of a Workshop (OW); 1 Press release (PR); 3 Exhibition (E); 2 Flyer (F); 5 Training (T); 1 Social Media (SM); 1 Website (W); 3 Communication Campaign (e.g. Radio, TV) (CC); 15 Participation to a Conference (PC); 7 Participation to a Workshop (PW); 17 Participation to an Event other than a Conference or a Workshop (PE); 2 Video/Film (V); 5 Brokerage Event (BE); 1 Pitch Event (P); 1 Participation in activities organized jointly with other EU project(s) (PA). 1 Other (O).
e.THROUGH poster