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Scale-up of Prevention and Management of Alcohol Use Disorders and Comorbid Depression in Latin America


Mid term recruitment reportt

When half of the primary health care centers have been recruited to the study

SCALA training package

PHC training package, implementable across three municipalities.

Health Economics assessment

Full report of the economic analyses

Communication plan

Detailed Stakeholder Engagement, Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation Plan

Report on status of posting results

Report that states when and where the results have been posted

First study subject approvals package

Package includes final version of study protocol, study registration number, statements of approval by ethics committees in Colombia, Mexico and Peru, and one EU country, Spain informed consent forms, information forms for participants, and confirmation by the authorised Data Protection Officer of Maastricht University that handling of personal data and exchange between EU/Non-EU countries is correctly undertaken following EU and national laws.

SCALA Intervention package

Health system intervention for AUD and comorbid depression, scalable across three municipalities

SCALA protocol

Detailed protocol for full implementation and scale-up across three municipalities.

Municipal action plans

Report of municipal action plans to improve alcohol health literacy and prevent and manage AUDs in support of PHC-based SCALA package.

Process outcomes of scale-up

Full report of the process evaluation of the SCALA project

Impact outcomes of scale-up

Report of the outcome results

SCALA framework

SCALA Validated Framework and Strategy for going to scale

Contextual analyses

Full report of the contextual cultural political and economic factors that might influence the outcome results

Data management and analysis plan

The Data Management plan will follow the structure of the Horizon 2020 FAIR Data Management Plan (DMP) template, with headings on Data summary, FAIR Data, Making data findable, Making data openly accessible, Making data interoperable, Increase data re-use, Allocation of resources, and Data security. The Data Management Plan will, in addition include the data analysis plans.


Factors associated with primary health care providers’ alcohol screening behavior in Colombia, Mexico and Peru

Author(s): D Kokole, L Mercken , E Jané Llopis , G Natera Rey, M Arroyo, P Medina, A Pérez Gómez, J Mejía Trujillo,M Piazza, I V Bustamante, A O’Donnell, E Kaner, A Gual, H Lopez-Pelayo, B Schulte, J Manthey, J Rehm, P Anderson, H de Vries
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Impact of Training and Municipal Support on Primary Health Care–Based Measurement of Alcohol Consumption in Three Latin American Countries: 5-Month Outcome Results of the Quasi-experimental Randomized SCALA Trial

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Author(s): Amy O’Donnell, Christiane Sybille Schmidt, Fiona Beyer, Margret Schrietter, Peter Anderson, Eva Jane-Llopis, Eileen Kaner, Bernd Schulte
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Perceived appropriateness of alcohol screening and brief advice programmes in Colombia, Mexico and Peru and barriers to their implementation in primary health care – a cross-sectional survey

Author(s): Daša Kokole, Liesbeth Mercken, Eva Jané-Llopis, Guillermina Natera Rey, Miriam Arroyo, Perla Medina, Augusto Pérez-Gómez, Juliana Mejía-Trujillo, Marina Piazza, Ines V. Bustamante, Amy O’Donnell, Eileen Kaner, Antoni Gual, Hugo Lopez-Pelayo, Bernd Schulte, Jakob Manthey, Jürgen Rehm, Peter Anderson, Hein de Vries
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Costs of an Alcohol Measurement Intervention in Three Latin American Countries

Author(s): Adriana Solovei. Jakob Manthey. Peter Anderson. Liesbeth Mercken. Eva Jané Llopis. Guillermina Natera Rey. Augusto Pérez Gómez. Juliana Mejía Trujillo.
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Publisher: Basel MDPI 2003-
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Scaling-up primary health care-based prevention and management of heavy drinking at the municipal level in middle-income countries in Latin America: Background and protocol for a three-country quasi-experimental study

Author(s): Peter Anderson, Amy O'Donnell, Eileen Kaner, Antoni Gual, Bernd Schulte, Augusto Pérez Gómez, Hein de Vries, Guillermina Natera Rey, Jürgen Rehm
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Development of community strategies supporting brief alcohol advice in three Latin American countries: a protocol

Author(s): Adriana Solovei, Liesbeth Mercken, Eva Jané-Llopis, Inés Bustamante, Silvia Evers, Antoni Gual, Perla Medina, Juliana Mejía-Trujillo, Guillermina Natera-Rey, Amy O’Donnell, Augusto Pérez-Gómez, Marina Piazza, Hein de Vries, Peter Anderson
Published in: Health Promotion International, Issue 1-11, 2021, ISSN 1460-2245
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DOI: 10.1093/heapro/daab192

Implementing primary healthcare-based measurement, advice and treatment for heavy drinking and comorbid depression at the municipal level in three Latin American countries: final protocol for a quasiexperimental study (SCALA study)

Author(s): Eva Jané-Llopis, Peter Anderson, Marina Piazza, Amy O'Donnell, Antoni Gual, Bernd Schulte, Augusto Pérez Gómez, Hein de Vries, Guillermina Natera Rey, Daša Kokole, Ines V Bustamante, Fleur Braddick, Juliana Mejía Trujillo, Adriana Solovei, Alexandra Pérez De León, Eileen FS Kaner, Silvia Matrai, Jakob Manthey, Liesbeth Mercken, Hugo López-Pelayo, Gillian Rowlands, Christiane Schmidt, Jürg
Published in: BMJ Open, Issue 10/7, 2020, Page(s) e038226, ISSN 2044-6055
Publisher: BMJ Publishing Group
DOI: 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-038226

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