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Next-generation Solid Oxide Fuel Cell stack and hot box solution for small stationary applications


Outcomes of workshops

Summary of the outcomes of the three workshops with the Advisory Panel M3 M18 M36

Report on 600W 1st generation hot box testing

Gathering of experimental results on G1 hot box

Report on the performance of next generation button cells

Benchmark comparison on novel Sc based cells versus SG cells with respect to electrochemical performance and novel redox stable cells versus SG cells with respect to redox stability

Communication plan

It presents the communication strategy and the communication activities carried out during the project Initial version delivered at M6 Update of this plan will be done at M18 and M36

Final report

Final report M36

Test programs for performance validation

Definition of the test program for hot box and cells to be performed within WP3 and WP4

Guidelines on boundary limits definition

This report will include recommendations for hot box boundary limits for the European microCHP markets

Definition of testing protocols for hot box

setting of conditions for subsequent testing

Cell testing protocols

Definition of testing protocols for evaluation of performance of cells and redox stability study

Main specifications of hot box

Analyse of the fine-tuned hot box specifications depending on the addressed markets

Final Event

Final Event of the project

Project website

The project website will present the project its consortium the main events and achievements

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