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Being safe around collaborative and versatile robots in shared spaces


Analysis of COVR usage from FSTP beneficiaries to date

Analysis of usage and opinion of COVR elements by FSTP-funded users - qualitative and observational research into experience, acceptance, satisfaction, usability etc.

Analysis of later usage by FSTP beneficiaries

Analysis of usage for feedback into T13 and T17 also to exploitation plan standards committees and eventually for toolkit maintenance

Encouragement of new COVR hubs

Encouragement of new COVR hubs Text suitable for proposals for establishing new hubs presentation for potential hubs pitch for business investors dissemination of these

Full assessment of COVR

Full assessement of COVR including final analysis of Realistic Trials wiht focus on acceptability of the system coverage in terms of countries applicaiton domains and robot technologies

Analysis of COVR usage

Usage and opinion of COVR elements by FSTP-funded users - qualitative and observational research into experience, acceptance, satisfaction, usability etc. from each partner

Lessons learned from Realistic Trials

Summary of lessons learned from the Realistic Trials

Report on exploitation

Report on exploitation including current status visvis approvals from regulatory bodies plus the final exploitation plan

Success of mechanisms

Report on the success of mechanisms for easy expansion update and maintenance

Open Days Report - first round

Report on first round of Open Days at partner sites the showcasing of the project

Toolkit design

Design of toolkit incorporating summary of COVR specification requests from expert consultations 2

Reviewer's kit

The reviewer’s kit which gives the reviewer information about the criteria to use

Usability of interfaces

Report on the usability of the toolkit user interfaces, including for healthcare professionals

Final business plan for COVR sustainability

D49Final business plan for ongoing COVR sustainability including a list of funding options for supporting different elements of the system

Open Days report - second round

Report on second round of Open Days at partner sites

Project Website

An attractive and functional project website

Open call published (repeated M19, M27)

Open Call published with video, invitation, applicant's kit, and application form. The call is repeated in M19 and M27

Launch of COVR open community

Moderated COVR open community on LinkedIn - for discussion and 'how to' suggestions.

Professional video of concept and toolkit

Professional video of COVR concept and toolkit targeting regulatory bodies. Templates of the informed consent forms and information sheet (for the data collection) will be submitted with the deliverable as required.

Secondary SSFs

Fully functional secondary SSFs properly laid out and documented

Safety testing facilities

Fully operational safety testing facilities properly laid out and documented

Toolkit v4

Toolkit released ready for use

Toolkit final

Final toolkit after consensus and third party review

Toolkit v1

Toolkit release version 1, through consensus and ready for FSTP beneficiary use

Toolkit v3

Toolkit ready for use


Courses according to the specifications of T2.1 e.g. Introduction to safety and risk assessments for collaborative robots; design for safety; interaction design

Toolkit v2

Toolkit version 2 ready for use, increased protocols


Hands-on workshops according to the specifications of T2.1. On-line teaching videos in English with subtitles, slides and worksheets in the five partner languages plus English.

Record sheets and questionnaire

Preparation of usage and opinion questionnaire of COVR elements by FSTP-funded users.


Assessing Safety and Performance Indicators in Rehabilitation Robotics

Author(s): Jule Bessler, Erik C. Prinsen, Gerdienke B. Prange-Lasonder, Leendert Schaake and Jaap H. Buurke
Published in: School and symposium on advance neurorehabilitation (SSNR2018) - Proceedings, Issue September 16-21 2018, Baiona (Spain), 2018, Page(s) 27-28
Publisher: Summer school on neurorehabilitation (SSNR)

Prototype Measuring Device for Assessing Interaction Forces between Human Limbs and Rehabilitation Robots - A Proof of Concept Study

Author(s): Jule Bessler, Leendert Schaake, Roy Kelder, Jaap H. Buurke, Gerdienke B. Prange-Lasonder
Published in: 2019 IEEE 16th International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR), 2019, Page(s) 1109-1114, ISBN 978-1-7281-2755-2
Publisher: IEEE
DOI: 10.1109/icorr.2019.8779536

COVR - Towards simplified evaluation and validation of collaborative robotics applications across a wide range of domains using robot safety skills

Author(s): Saenz, J., Aske, L. , Bidard, C., Buurke, J.H., Nielsen, K., Schaake, L, Vicentini, F.
Published in: SIAS 2018 - proceeding, 2018, Page(s) 71-76
Publisher: INRS

COVR – Towards Simplified Evaluation and Validation of Collaborative Robotics Applications Across a Wide Range of Domains Based on Robot Safety Skills

Author(s): Jule Bessler, Leendert Schaake, Catherine Bidard, Jaap H. Buurke, Aske E. B. Lassen, Kurt Nielsen, José Saenz, Federico Vicentini
Published in: Wearable Robotics: Challenges and Trends - Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Wearable Robotics, WeRob2018, October 16-20, 2018, Pisa, Italy, Issue 22, 2019, Page(s) 123-126, ISBN 978-3-030-01886-3
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-01887-0_24

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