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Methods for Managing Audiovisual Data: Combining Automatic Efficiency with Human Accuracy


Evaluation report, intermediate version

The intermediate version of the report presents findings of the evaluation of the second iteration of the prototype system, against which the established test scenarios are executed again, along with an evaluation of a first set of quantitative and qualitative criteria. This version includes a final set of recommended improvements to be included in the final MeMaD prototype system.

Data interchange format specification, final version.

This final version of the interchange format specification incorporates feedback from the first and second prototype evaluation cycles and defines the final set of criteria and interchange specifications that that final prototype needs to conform to and will be tested against.

Evaluation report, initial version

The initial version of the prototype system evaluation report, based on feedback provided by a select group of end users. This report will present the first user feedback after execution of test scenarios and will recommend an initial set of improvements to the system specifications and evaluation criteria.

Specification of the data interchange format, initial version

The initial version of the data interchange format will define functional and non-functional requirements of the MeMaD prototype system, based on input concerning the tools developed in WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP5. The requirements are laid out in reference to user requirements and are documented with test scenarios and evaluation criteria.

TV programme annotation model

Report on an initial annotation model for TV programming as well as on the method enabling to go from script and automatic transcription to true subtitles respecting the time and spaces captioning constraints.

Report on discourse-aware machine translation for audio-visual data

A report on neural machine translation models with contextual features beyond sentence boundaries.

Report on multimodal machine translation

A report on models with multimodal input and initial evaluations of their quality.

Specification of the data interchange format, intermediate version

This iteration of the data interchange format updates the specification and future evaluation criteria with feedback and improvements from the first prototype system development and evaluation report.

Report on comparative analysis of human and machine video description

his deliverable will report the main findings from the comparative analysis of human descriptions of audiovisual content with corresponding machine-based descriptions generated in WP2.

Data management plan

Report on the initial data management life cycles for the data to be collected, processed and generated during the project.

Data management plan, update 1

Updated version of DMP that covers significant changes in project datasets and data policies that arise during the project.

Setup of website with presentation of project and consortium partners

Website with presentation of project and consortium partners, initial setup.

Multimodally annotated dataset of described video

This deliverable will provide a) transcriptions of a set of audiovisual materials that have audio description and subtitles in at least one project language and b) annotations of relevant visual, auditory and verbal elements, aligned with the corresponding information in the audio description and subtitles. Contains a report that describes the transcriptions and annotations.

Libraries and tools for multimodal content analysis

A joint collection of tools, libraries and their documentations from Aalto, Eurecom, Lingsoft, LLS and INA.  These are needed in the continuation of this work package and also in the task T6.2 Prototype implementation. Contains a report.

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Cognate-aware morphological segmentation for multilingual neural translation

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The WMT'18 Morpheval test suites for English-Czech, English-German, English-Finnish and Turkish-English

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The MeMAD Submission to the WMT18 Multimodal Translation Task

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A Novel Ensemble Method for Named Entity Recognition and Disambiguation Based on Neural Network

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