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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Plasma-assisted catalysis for the removal of volatile organic compounds from waste gas stream


The purpose of this project is to investigate the effectiveness of the novel hybrid technology of plasma-assisted catalysis as a means for environmental clean-up of polluted, waste gaseous emissions and to gain a fundamental understanding of the synergistic effects that result from the combination of two existing and proven technologies. Particular emphasis will be placed on the destruction of emissions of volatile organic compounds including halogenated species.

Attention will be given to minimising the production of unwanted and harmful by-products during the processing including the elimination of NOx (oxides of nitrogen) production when treating polluted air streams. A range of catalysts will be prepared and screened to maximise the efficiency of destruct ion and to exhibit selectivity in the minimisation of unwanted by-products. In this way, the goals of environmental clean-up will be achieved with minimum energy consumption.

The efficiency of the processing will be enhanced by the incorporation of real-time computer control utilising artificial intelligence methods to obtain the required outcomes in terms of destruction and by-product formation in the most energy efficient manner possible. A fundamental understanding of the mechanism of the plasma-assisted catalytic processing will be achieved by producing a validated, computer-based, chemical kinetics-modelling package that will describe the gas-phase and surface chemistry.

This will be used both to interpret the experimental results obtained and also as a predictive tool to allow new systems to be designed and developed. Collaboration with industrial partners will allow issues such as scale-up, implementation, field-testing and commercialisation to be addressed.

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