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Moving from Cure to Care: an integrated care delivery platform for a new person-oriented approach

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Garsia (Moving from Cure to Care: an integrated care delivery platform for a new person-oriented approach)

Reporting period: 2017-08-01 to 2017-11-30

Healthcare expenditure is on a sweepingly rising curve resulting in huge demand of healthcare services due to the ever-increasing ageing population and the long life expectancy. More than 30 % of the population suffers from chronic diseases, consuming over 70 % of healthcare expenditure. Chronically ill patients require on-going care, whereas the currently available healthcare system is more focused on the acute medical episodes. There is a significant fragmentation and separation of care pathways between hospitals and healthcare and social care services. Garsia® is an holistic Care Management platform for integrated care delivery through a personalized interdisciplinary approach. It is a value based, Integrated Care Management platform that integrates at all levels of healthcare system and manages the life pathway of patient care by placing the individual at the center stage, overcoming the traditional medical approach based on curing a single pathology. Garsia® is a single open and versatile application capable of meeting the needs of the local welfare system, combining the contributions of all stakeholders by integrating the healthcare and social care networks. It is a completely customizable system with functional integration resulting in a synchronized network, with the aim to treat multiple diseases effectively and efficiently.
A mobile application for patients, their family (care-givers) and for all the professionals (doctors, nurses, social workers etc.) simplify the communication B2B and B2C between the patients and all the members of the Team; a powerful Decision Support System analyse the data and, with the support of machine learning algorithms, support the management and the clinicians; a middleware allows a seamless communication with the hospitals (HIS) and with the professionals on the territory.
Softech is a 20 year old SME created by professionals in the social and clinical sector with an annual turnover of €3.4 M in 2017. Our major asset for success is that we have already penetrated the public market, by already having contracts in place with both Italian and French Social and Health Systems. We have estimated that after 5 years from launch, we will have engaged at least 250.000 patients, in around 200 hospitals and will have hired 59 new employees in different EU countries.
Objective 1: To confirm the technical specifications of the mature platform and optimization steps Key findings: Garsia® platform has 8 existing modules in TRL9. These modules are up and running and have been used by hundreds customers. 9 new modules need further development and optimization for the successful implementation of the new Garsia® Care Pathway Platform.
Objective 2: To prepare a detailed work plan. Key findings: Our project will take 24 months to be completed and will be divided into 5 technical Work Packages.
Objective 3: To conduct a thorough risk assessment & update our contingency measures. Key findings: We have performed a risk assessment with all the mitigation policies.
Objective 4: To confirm our Freedom-To- Operate. Key findings: We have performed a patent analysis and we have confirmed our FTO in 90 countries.
Objective 5: To update our current IPR strategy. Key findings: We concluded that Garsia® ́s IP strategy will be sufficiently based on the registered trademark and trade secrets along with speedy market launch, thus protecting the substance of “trade industrial secret” of the business.
Objective 6: To confirm pending regulatory steps. Key findings: Softech has already obtained the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001: 2008 certifications, which specifies requirements for a quality management system.
Objective 7: To assess the target markets. Key findings: We have confirmed the alignment of our project with current market needs and further studied the existing offerings.
Objective 8: To analyse the healthcare sector in targeted countries. Key findings: We concluded that most European countries are increasingly transitioning towards integrated care owing to their increasing healthcare expenditure.
Objective 9: To evaluate existing offerings in integrated healthcare pathways. Key findings: We have assessed that available current care pathways do not meet the needs of chronic disease care. None of them have an holistic approach to care management, by combining both social and health systems working towards a unique solution.
Objective 10: To explore the most suitable exploitation strategy for our business proposition. Key findings: We have assessed the particularities for commercialization in our main targeted countries (Italy, France, Benelux, UK, Germany, Austria, Spain, Nordic countries and Canada). We’ll perform a deeper market analysis during Phase 2 to map out our market access strategy.
Objective 11: To expand our network of partners, including hospitals, stakeholders and key opinion leaders
Key findings: We plan to have local partnerships in individual countries in order to successfully sell our solution to healthcare providers, Insurance and EHR Vendors,.
Objective 12: To update our dissemination plan. Key findings: We will communicate the value proposition of Garsia® by means of on-line and off-line promotion activities.
Objective 12: To assess the total investment required for completing this project. Key findings: The full estimation of the budget required to complete this project, 4.08M€, distributed in different items.
Objective 13: To build our financial projections and estimate the expected profitability in a 5-year period. Key findings: Our financial projections for 5 years after the commercialization show that we will be able to generate a R.O.I of 14.31 after 5 years of commercialization and a cumulative profit of 38.3M€.
Objective 14: To update our business plan. Key findings: We have validated our business plan for 5 years.
The main objective of Garsia® project is providing comprehensive coordinated care through an Integrated Care Management platform, which boosts quality and revenues by workflow management of hospital data, improving adherence, and enhancing preventive and chronic care. It does so by2028creating a multidisciplinary team in accordance with Care and Case management standards 2028focusing on the pathway on the patient. By proactively monitoring of compliance with the care plan Garsia® plans to empower patients and caregivers. Garsia® allows the integration of the local health agencies, hospitals, municipalities, public and private service providers, enabling e-Healthcare platform integration of health and social care networks and the construction of a virtual, patient-centered service network. In area of Bologna, Italy alone using Garsia® platform, the healthcare and social care operators have been able to save 57% of the time they used before for activities of integrated evaluation of the patients resulting in savings of €3 million each year.

While there are plenty of Health Information System alternatives, none of them approach health and disease from an integrated care pathway approach. This integration allows effective diseases solutions while saving costs. What makes Garsia® different from other products is the unique capacity to use an holistic approach to integrate hospital and health care with social care such that it uses state of the art advanced technology to analyze large scale data of EHRs by deploying Garsia® ’s proprietary algorithms to mine the data gathered via thousands of EHRs. Garsia® ’s engine shall build a mathematical model that represents real-world treatment patterns. Furthermore, through a personalized process with each new customer, Garsia® is adapted to the demographics of each population and to the context of the care organization. It offers many advantages such as an interdisciplinary management of patients (chronic and multi-pathologic), service optimization and improvement, the empowerment of the patient, interoperability through international standards while reducing inappropriate costs (8 billion euro on NHS).
Garsia® has been already successfully integrated in 15 hospitals and into over 300 Towns and 200 service providers in Italy. It is being successfully functioning in 13 Coordination Centers in France. Our new modules of Care pathway Management are being tested currently in 3 hospitals in Italy. We have estimated that after 5 years from launch in Europe, we will have engaged at least 900.000 patients (0,7% of chonic population), in around 200 hospitals and will have hired 59 new employees in different EU countries. We will earn almost €38.3M cumulative profit and generate a R.O.I of 14.31 by commercializing Garsia®.