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Advanced Silyl Modified Polymer for the Commercial Transportation and Automotive Elastic Adhesive Markets

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Advanced-SiMP (Advanced Silyl Modified Polymer for the Commercial Transportation and Automotive Elastic Adhesive Markets)

Reporting period: 2017-08-01 to 2017-11-30

Commercial transportation, car original equipment, and car and vehicle after-market sectors are increasing the demand of adhesives and sealants. Polyurethanes (PU) are the most widely used products for structural parts due to their high mechanical performance but with adverse environmental and health effects and the need of substrate preparation with primers application. For non-structural joints, Silane-Modified-Polymers (SMP) are preferred because they have low VOC emissions, less harmful for the environment and there is no need of substrate preparation or a primer applicatuon. However, they do not reach the same mechanical properties of PU.
Advanced-SiMP is a high performance silane-modified polymer with all the advantages of this kind of products and competitive mechanical properties respect to PU designed for structural works.
The objectives of the Advanced-SiMP project are to adapt the product formulation to the standard specifications of manufactures by testing and validation of the solution, produce it industrially and implement the commercialization strategy into Europe, US, and APAC markets.
A work Plan of the technical issues needed to produce Advanced-SiMP industrially has been developed; formula optimization routes, internal testing, plant design, Certification tests, and risks analysis.
The FtO analysis confirmed there is no impediment related to intellectual property that prevents the commercialization of Advanced-SiMP at an international level.
A market analysis of adhesives and sealants in the automotive sector has been completed, including competitors and projections for the coming years. The commercial strategy of Advanced-SiMP has been designed in a staggered way including risk assessment and planning actions for the next two years of activity.
The costs structure has been revised and financial projections revealed the economic viability of the project for NPT with Advanced-SiMP commercialization starting in 2020
European vehicle industry is a key driver on the economic growth generating €100 billion last year. Additionally, European automotive adhesives/sealants market stands for the 10% of the global market, valued at €3.3 billion in revenues at the end of 2014. The objective for European vehicle manufacturers is to achieve cost savings, faster processes, and compliance on regulations. Advanced-SiMP is a product in line with market demands that will help manufacturers to follow the market trends based on the use of solutions with better performance and more sustainable.