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Novel, automated charging infrastructure for electric vehicles


Electrical vehicles (EVs) tend to be met with high resistance from car users, mainly due to range anxiety, variable power costs and long refuelling times. Though these arguments may seem valid at this moment, future batteries and charging stations may actually reduce these disadvantages. Nevertheless, some gaps and barriers of the current charging systems have not been solved finally yet, including the availability and inter-operability of the charging infrastructure, charging rates and efficiency, autonomous charging, safety and handling comfort.

easE-Link is our revolutionary matrix charging system, addresses all of the aforementioned issues using a matrix-shaped ground pad and a vertical power connector that attached to any surface of the ground pad on the parking floor, allowing for the highest parking alignment tolerance and reducing the complexity of a three-dimensional mechanical moving system. All ground pads in a parking infrastructure can be interconnected, allowing easy connection to the electrical grid. As such, our concept brings advantages regarding integration into vehicle and the wide scale deployment within parking infrastructure (both retrofits and new integrations).

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