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Artificial Intelligence for Recruitment Europe

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - AIRE (Artificial Intelligence for Recruitment Europe)

Reporting period: 2017-08-01 to 2018-01-31

AIRE – Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting Europe introduces a world 1st personal robot (AIREbot) to help every European citizen apply for jobs, update their skills, register for courses and arrange interviews. The project has demonstrated that it can
Reduce EU vacancies by 10% on European job website EURES by 2019 by finding qualified people using AI
Reduce the cost of hiring for all European companies to advertise and match people instantly with jobs
Generate a return on investment ROI of 183% by 2021, create 112 jobs on total investment of 2.4m
Reduce the cost of hiring for all European companies to advertise and match people instantly with jobs
Develop a unique learning and skills graph for Europeans to build skills capability in conjunction with employers and state agencies - This will lead the way for a new live and dynamic representation of personal upskilling journey
Create a virtual assistant for every job seeking European by 2020- This “AIREbot” will apply for jobs, give CV advice, look for skill courses
Help unemployed and workers in vulnerable jobs better showcase their skills and identify training needs
1 1.1 Assess market size 300k Recruiting firms 29% in EU / 9% UK detail in attached market analysis
1.2 Evaluate demand/ Price point Quantified total addressable market, potential 10% market penetration & value based price point of €3/CV plus annual licence
1.3 Assess the customer acquisition cost (CAC)
Market dependent but medium term goal is viral spread (Market analysis)
2 2.1 Evaluate the technical and technological requirements to scale across Europe Cloud deployment – provider under selection
3 3.1 Carry out freedom-to-operate analysis European Union's Unitary Patent package:
-EU Regulation No. 1257/2012 of 17 Dec 2012 creating the European Patent with unitary effect (OJ EPO 2013, 111–131);
−EU Regulation No. 1260/2012 of 17 Dec 2012 relating to the translation arrangements for European Patents with unitary effect (OJ EPO 2013, 132–142).
3.2 Evaluate the compliance requirement with the Directives/ Regulatory
Requirements (detailed in Section 2.2.b) GDPR Compliance built in to the initial test version of the product
4 4.1 Test the impact of this innovation project on existing people and processes Immediate corporate demand for a trial – detailed in the business plan
4.2 Examine project impact on existing people and processes Initial positive impacts on cost and throughput of the recruitment firms with subsequent less poor outcomes (<5%)
5 5.1 Assess the estimation accuracy of project costs, timelines and risks Best estimate for the EU + UK over 4 years is €4m
6 6.1 Develop/review business plan with output from Tasks 1-5 See Appendix 4
6.2 Review key success factors and KPIs
Allsorter believes in the future of our approach of providing initial value to the corporate sector at an economic rate and then expanding the platform to encompass the B2C potential. Our strategic vision has grown with the emergence of AI capabilities to be a provider of
Control capability of the hiring process and outcome to corporates
Enabling technology for individuals to manage their career journeys in the AI driven market
A bridgehead AI platform that is available to everyone
AN inclusive easy to use way of transforming the career journey of EU citizens

Support for the Vision

Partners Global Social Players:
Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Banks, Insurance companies, Healthcare
Expertise API developers
AI deployment
Publicity Viral specialists
Funding Shared risk/reward principle
Overview of how Artificial Intelligence is Machine Learned into AIRE
Demonstrates the AIRE differentiator for CV domain matching