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Production line of battery packs for telecommunications application

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - AURORA 4.0 (Production line of battery packs for telecommunications application)

Reporting period: 2017-08-01 to 2018-01-31

Albufera Cells has worked on the development of the Aurora 4.0 a battery system based on Aluminium technology for Telecommunication back-up sites. All the efforts of the company have been invested in achieving the best possible product for our target customers, by providing an optimal solution for their need.
Several investigations, technical analysis, studies of the actual costumer needs and the proposition obtained in our coaching sessions have concluded in a new product more adequate to the target market.
Thus, the Aurora 4.0 battery is a battery system based on Aluminium-Carbon technology that has been developed for Telecommunication back-up (Base Transceiver system) and Power Security (UPS) markets.
The Aurora 4.0 is the answer to the challenges of these markets in terms of battery life, thermal characteristics, discharging behaviour, maintenance requirements and price.
However, different validations and tests on actual scenarios have to be carried out in the following steps in order to accomplish the regulation aspects and bringing the product into the market.
Albufera Cells roadmap depicts a Time to Market of 2 years for Security applications and less than 4 years for Telecommunication ones, as well as a market introduction forecast that position Europe battery manufacturing on the leading of new technologies (Generation 4 of batteries).
From the technical point of view, we have carried out the following different tests
Laboratory tests at cell level.
Laboratory tests of complete battery pack (20 Ah and 48 V, Al-C battery in a rackshell box for standard 19-inch cabinets).
Tests in relevant environment of complete battery packs.
From the business point of view, contacts have been established with actual clients oriented to:
Analysis of the market trends and opportunities.
Product requirements analysis to be validated in real scenarios, coming from the client feedback.
Validation of the process to become suppliers for the companies of target markets.
Albufera has obtained a battery that directly competes against current solution in the Telecomm and Security markets.
Aurora 4.0 offers greater tolerance in terms of thermal variations, which results in improvements in the maintenance activities planned by the companies.
It also provides better energy and power density, as well as better price per kWh, than the competence. Even more, at the BTS application, where the volume is one of the key driving factors, Aurora 4.0 is almost 3 times smaller than Lead-acid solutions.