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Novel tools to evaluate ATM systems coupling under future deployment scenarios


Metrics and analysis approach

This deliverable will report on the work performed in Task 5.1. It will include a developed version of the toy model and of the proposed network metrics. It will also contain first proposal for the inference of unobserved variables from simulations of the model.

Adaptive case studies description

D3.3 contains the description of the adaptive case studies to be modelled in Domino. It will include the justification of the modifications carried out to the investigative case studies as a result of the analysis performed and the outcomes of the workshop with stakeholders (Task 6.3).

Architecture definition

This deliverable will include a description of the systems, subsystems and processes considered in Domino. For each of the mechanisms suggested to be modelled in the project, the deliverable will provide a set of possible operational concepts and uptake/scope to be deployed.

Data management and sources

This deliverable presents the approach of Domino for the data management, and details the data sources considered.

Initial model design

This deliverable will report on all the work done within Task 4.1. It will include the main assumptions made for the model and the main mechanisms to be implemented. It will include all the technical specifications of the model, including the tools used for development and an agenda for development. It will finally include relevant schemas for the implementation under the form of diagram flows or equivalent.

Stakeholders consultation on system and investigative case studies

D6.2 will provide the consultation questionnaire and a summary of the consultation results.

Final tool and model description and case studies results

This deliverable will present the final proposed network metrics, their validation with simulated and real data, and the proposed inference methods in absence of full information on the system. The analysis of behaviour of the model and of the metrics under different stress scenarios will be also presented. Besides the result from the adaptive case studies, D5.3, will also include the description of the final version of the ABM model and a description on how the methodologies and tools could be used on historical data.

Investigative case studies description

D3.2 will present the case studies that have been created and selected to be modelled. These case studies will be the result of a consultation carried out with stakeholders (Task 6.2).

Workshop results summary

Contains the summary of the activities developed during the workshop and its results.

Investigative case studies results

The results of the investigative case studies will be compiled in this deliverable. It will include also a description of the version of the ABM model used to execute the case studies.

Database structure

This deliverable will detail the structure of the database, providing the information on the data sources.

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Trip Centrality: walking on a temporal multiplex with non-instantaneous link travel time

Author(s): Silvia Zaoli, Piero Mazzarisi, Fabrizio Lillo
Published in: Scientific Reports, 9/1, 2019, ISSN 2045-2322
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-47115-6