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SmartHeat – An eco-innovative solution towards zero-carbon household heating


SUNTHERM has developed a Worlds first 25 kWh thermal storage compact battery, based on salt hydrate dissolved in
mineral oil that enables up to 25 hours of heat displacement (patent pending). SUNTHERM’s game-changer integrated
heating system for households - SmartHeat - consists of:
- Smart heating and heat storage, provided by a 25 kWh thermal battery (60 × 60 × 200 cm), coupled to a module of cloudbased
management with an online control unit for real-time control over heat management, acting as a buffer in the grid;
- Solar thermal collectors, for higher flexibility and 100% zero-carbon, sustainable heat production;
- Heat pump, smart grid enabled, providing the management of energy loads - peak load shaving -, the storage of excess
power during low demand periods for release during peak demand periods - load balancing -, and the integrated optimization
of the heat pump operation.
SmartHeat can effectively cover normal family's daily needs for radiators, floor heating or hot water, with a heat release
capacity above any other heating unit available, due to its intelligent and huge storage capacity - equivalent to an oil burner
in a utility room and delivery of twice the amount of hot water than a conventional hot water tank. By storing energy from the
sun - or when the power is cheap - in our unique battery and delivering it when the house requires heating, we will offer the
homeowner the opportunity to reduce the heat bill by 75% in comparison to the use of an oil burner, due to 40% increase in
efficiency vs. a stand-alone heat pump.
Through the successful development and implementation of SmartHeat WWF award winning technology, SUNTHERM will
be in a strong position to exploit a market worth at 34.5 billion € and enhance its profitability by the stream of the sales, with
an expected cumulated turnover of 83 million €, 5 years after project completion.

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