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Putting regions on track for carbon neutrality by 2050


Project brochure in English & ten (10) national languages

Development of the project brochure in English and 10 additional project languages in M6.

Promotional material

Promotional material to be decided at the national level and delivered in M18

Project visual identity and website

Development of the project visual identity (logo, templates etc.) and the project website

Eleven country reports reviewing the energy planning process

D2.1 focuses on the development of a country report for each one of the 11 engaged countries, regarding the energy policy planning at the national level and the related procedures

Report on regional and local priorities in each country

Based on the roundtables' outputs, a report with the identified policy priorities at each regional and local level per country will be developed.

Briefing paper on existing multi-level governance models & recommendations to tailor these to facilitate energy & climate planning

Based on the review of the energy planning process at the national level, existing multi-level governance processes will be assessed to identify the most effective approach at a country level that could intensify collaboration. As a result, eleven country specific briefing papers will be developed, outlining existing multi-level governance models and recommendations on how to tailor these to facilitate energy and climate planning.

Recommendations on national energy priorities in the eleven (11) participating countries

Bottom-up recommendations on targets, priorities and actions for 2050 will be formulated under Task 2.3 and discussed during the roundtables planned in Task 2.4 in order to refine them.

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