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A new boost for green jobs, growth and sustainability

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Construye2020_Plus (A new boost for green jobs, growth and sustainability)

Reporting period: 2018-06-01 to 2019-11-30

"The contribution of the building sector to meet these targets is crucial, since buildings are estimated to be 40% of the European Union's energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions. Former Build Up Skills project (under IEE inititative) and Construye 2020+ project are based on the conviction that worker training is a fundamental pillar for the sector to successfully move towards sustainability: the evolution of materials, new forms of work execution and management, etc. would reach a higher energy savings in buildings. This situation requires qualified personnel.

However, companies find it difficult to find staff who work with energy performance awareness, as was already noted in the Status Quo of the Build Up Skills, and not overcome yet. This training gap is not new. On the basis on spanish statistics, construction workforce contain a high precentage of workers with low level of (formal) training. As for the vocational training, the figures say that only 2% of VET students choose Building and Civil Works as a training itinerary. and that less than 1% of the students are enrolled in the Energy and Water training itinerary.

Companies should be aware of the benefits that green skills would give them to be a more competitive company. And, as we live in an interconected system, this latter recomendation must be trigger by politics, accompanying with measures that boost the add value of the ""green"" training. And also, of course, the demand of green skills. The civil society should know what the benefits of a energy efficiency building: decrease of energy consumption and bills, and comfort, among others. As the new building activity can not grow forever, building renovation is key for the next years, and a opportunity to renovate with sustainable construction approach.

On these basis, Construye 2020+ overall objective is to boost the transition to a sustainable and competitive energy efficient construction industry by the definition and development of an updated training and accreditation scheme of green skills. This scheme will address, in an articulated way, professional, market and customer barriers that stand in the way for the consolidation of Energy Efficiency (EE), Renewable Energy Systems (RES) and nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB). It will be based on on-site and on-line training, transversally incorporating BIM and LEAN methodology."
The project is structured in 9 work packages. During the first period report, WP2 and WP3 have been finalished; and WP1 and WP9, which are transversal phases, the corresponding activities have been carried out.

WP1. Project coordination and management

3 Steering Meetings and 3 videoconferences have been held . There have been an additional meeting in Barcelona, 16th May 2019 taking the advantage of the Build Up Skills in CONSTRUMAT’19 international trade fair. Three main project Plans have been developed: Management (including DMP); Quality and monitoring; Dissemination, Communication and exploitation.

WP2.Towards an integrated and multidisciplinary training system

Different options have been develop to support and engage the project: letter of support and LinkedIN Platform.

To incorporate a multidisciplinary approach in the development of the sectoral skills, 5 work groups were hold under Quintuple Helix Innovation Model. Each group gathered experts from to one of the five “helix”: Educational, Economic, Environmental, Civil Society and Political system, dealing with challenges, barriers and measures were focused from this approach. All the process is included in D2.2 Multi-actor approach report, with different national priorities to address through training in EE, RES and nZEB

WP3 Supporting the uptake of “green skills” in the construction industry

Two short-courses (8 hours): EE+ for operators and EE+ for middle-managers (Deliverable 3.1). Interdisciplinary training and standard training in energy issues, at the same time they promote the mutual understanding among different professionals.

Additionally, it was promoted the transfer of knowledge and advice form innovative entities which are leaders in the sector in EE, RES, and Nzeb to SME. 191 attendants took part in the 10 workshops celebrated in 5 Spanish cities, getting involve 17 entitites by acting as leaders in the sector in EE, RES and nZEB. All the process is describe in D3.2 Business greening incubator strategy, with recommendations to pull along SMEs towards sustainable construction.

WP7 deals with the Development of professional skills for Energy Audits,

To be finished by June 2020, the qualification development is following the formal proceedings set by INCUAL, having completed two of four formal phases

WP9 Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation

A project logo and branding has been developed. In general terms, the project communication has been done through own newsletters, press releases and targeted e-mail, when specific project outcome wanted to be disseminate. Regarding a more targeted dissemination (engagement campaigns), there are merchandising products, linked to healthy life and sport (neck warmer and runners belt), posters, roll ups, brochures in English and Spanish.

Two infodays have been celebrated, coinciding with the steering meetings.
"Construction 2020+ values and objectives have been reached a very good impact. 235 people have participated directly in project activities, what have been focused on the interaction of actors from construction industry from different fields of expertise and have had the opportunity to meet each other in a context that probably in other situation could not happen. At the same time, digitalisation and industrialisation and, in the end, the new paradigma of construction have been count on a good welcome, withdrawn a first approach of the big interest on BIM and the news about regulations. In this terms, the project activities have gone in the awareness in sustainable construction. It will be further in next activities, such as Route ""Construye 2020+"", where a bus will travel 15 spanish cities, precisely promoting sustainable construction as the direction to go, a business oportunity for SME and disseminating project outcomes.

What is coming is related to a green skills recognition system. 2 short courses have already been developed. Besides, 6 Build Up Skills courses will be developed. Once developed, a green skills recognition will be created. Therefore a Green Tag will be developed, linked to Construye 2020+ courses, and will be included within Construction Profesional Card. This is crucial for the construction sector, since Construction Profesional Card is responsability of Collective Negotiation, and the impact can be important. For this reason,Fundación Laboral de la Construcción has asked EASME for the service of Exploitation of Results, in which we will deal with the most exploitable results (not developed yet)."