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Municipal peer-to-peer learning in integrating transport, land-use planning and energy policy at district level


Competition questionnaires and set of competition information material

Based on agreed competition criteria and procedure, translated into national languages and layouted according to common visual identity. Online information, advertising material, instructions for municipalities, leaflets about best practice criteria and national focal points, from each country. Printed information material (8 pages DIN A4) in numbers specific to each country, online interface for applications or digital competition questionnaires, for forerunner cities and committed cities.

List of committed cities

4 committed cities in each country, including short description of respective district to be worked on in WP 2.

National Peer-Learning plans for each country

Adaptation of Peer-learning plan to selected cities/districts

List of forerunner cities

2 forerunner cities, 1 special award winner in each country. Including short description of the awarded districts. Information confidential until award ceremony. Will be shared with EASME in M10 as a draft.

Project webpage

The website will be the main dissemination-tool of the project reaching a wide circle of recipients. One project website with dedicated layout in line with the project's visual identity and with different language versions will be created. The English version will centralize all relevant project information and material as laid out in task 4.3 and the Communication strategy. It will be the main communication tool to the European level. It will be updated and maintained by PNEC. The national language versions will be provided by PNEC and then updated by the partners in their languages. They will be devoted to the country-relevant information, material and results of MULTIPLY. The website will be regularly updated during the lifetime of the project and at least 2 years after its end and its address will be included on all documents produced within the framework of the project.

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