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Envisioning and Testing New Models of Sustainable Energy Cooperation and Services in Industrial Parks


Review of best practices and methodological approaches - Criteria and Solutions

This deliverable elaborates the methodology and criteria used for assessing existing inter-park services and cooperation with respect to their qualification as “best practice” examples.

Report on the potential for joint energy services in industrial parks

This report will collect the findings on the potential for energy efficiency services, joint energy purchases and renewable energy production in each of the participating parks. It will include an estimate of the overall energy efficiency potential to be achieved at the end of the project, the potential in terms of renewable energy generated (and self-consumed, if feasible) and the expected economic savings.

Collection of Test Protocols

The comments and conclusions of the first application of the IAT through the Lighthouse Parks are collected structured and used for the decisions how to improve the IAT based on the experiences and judgement of the managements of the participating parks

Methodology and Key Performance Indicators for the monitoring and assessment of the Lighthouse Parks

This deliverable describes the methodological framework for assessing the performance of the tested solutions and instruments in the Lighthouse Parks in a way that the results can be generalized (upon some restrictions due to confidentiality requirements) to a broader community of industrial parks interested in replicating the proposed solution.

Data Collection Guidebook

The data collection guidebook details the variables and related ancillary information that has to be collected during the subsequent tests in WP5 to achieve a comprehensive and comparable data set for each of the Lighthouse Parks.

Public report on the results from the feasibility studies for the most promising joint energy projects in the Lighthouse Parks

Based on the outcomes of the Feasibility studies see Del 53 a deliverable will be prepared in which the publishable nonconfidential findings of Del53 are summarized for dissemination purposes

1 energy cooperation plan per park

The energy cooperation plan will show viable mediumterm options for investments in energy efficiency measures renewable onsite energy production and other joint energy services The energy cooperation plan will be elaborated by the park managers with support from the scientific partners TECNALIA will be responsible for designing a common template and the final editing of the English translation of these plans

Information sharing process documentation

This deliverable describes the process for selection and processing the information collected during the subsequent tests in WP5 For each park the different variables andor aggregated findings are listed for which publication is considered as important and uncritical The process how this information is shared and with whom is described

Final report of policy relevant activities

Document which brings together all policy relevant SPARCS activities and which will be provided as a standalone publishable deliverable

Instruments addressing technical and non-technical barriers - generic results

A report about the developed instruments at a generic level is given to serve other stakeholders (regional industrial communities, policy level, consortium-external parks, etc) as a reference for overcoming technical as well as non-technical barriers. The deliverable contains the non-confidential results of Tasks 2.1, and thereby provides guidance to a broader audience how to address respective barriers.

Working Paper: Barriers towards Energy Cooperation

The project internal discussions and analyses necessary to identify barriers towards energy cooperation mechanism will be delivered in form of a working paper fit for publication.

S-PARCS IAT e-book and the Report on post-project S-PARCS IAT strategy

The ebook will serve as a guide on how to use the SPARCS IAT and will provide users with examples The postproject report will detail how the SPARCS partners will ensure the postproject availability and usability of the SPARCS IAT

Guidance on contractual issues for joint energy services and energy cooperation

The publishable lessons learned from the development of draft agreements in Task 2.3 are summarized in this deliverable to support other parks and related companies on their path to a sustainable cooperation providing mutual benefits.

Barriers to Energy Cooperation – a Case Study

This report will highlight the barriers encountered will provide assessments of how these barriers can be overcome in the specific framework of Portugal and will summarize the report in a policy brief to be used for dissemination in Portugal

Presentation: energy challenges of industrial parks - first insights from the S-PARCS project

The presentation will show in an attractive way the most promising opportunities for cooperation in each industrial park, the expectations related to the project and the companies that have agreed to collaborate with S-PARCS. TECNALIA will compile the materials elaborated by the park managers, edit and publish the presentation on the project web page.

Website available in English

The English version of the website will be online by M6 of the project.

Policy recommendations based on the results of the legal, regulatory & standardization analysis

This deliverable lists legal regulatory and standardization issues and mitigation measures associated with the implementation of solutions instruments business models and contractual agreements for joint energy services and energy cooperation in all SPARCS participating countries industrial parks

Training toolkit

The training toolkit will contain the modules to be used for training the park managers and highlevel executives of the companies located in the park in all capacity building aspects of SPARCS AFV will deliver the contents while EQY will implement the design of the toolkit

Dissemination plan

The draft dissemination plan will detail the strategy for disseminating the findings of the project, the different dissemination channels and the target audiences.

Industrial Park Service Initial Assessment Tool

This deliverable is the IAT as described in Task 32 Its final version is used with the Follower Community first and then finally published online freeofcharge to boost the replicability of the SPARCS solutions and related instruments

S-PARCS solutions inventory

The S-PARCS solutions inventory will be presented in a report accompanying an easy to use Excel file which will allow the filtering of solutions according to their attributes.


Accelerating sustainable and economic development via industrial energy cooperation and shared services – A case study for three European countries

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Economic Evaluation of PV Installations for Self-Consumption in Industrial Parks

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The perfect match? 100 reasons why energy cooperation is not realized in industrial parks

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Citizen Participation to Finance PV Power Plants Focused on Self-Consumption on Company Roofs—Findings from an Austrian Case Study

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Business models for interfirm energy cooperation in industrial parks: A possible taxonomy

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