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HADES - Optical Hot Air Leak DEtection System


Report on the signature of the Consortia Agreements

"This document will report on the signature of the 2 required Consortia Agreements: the internal project consortium agreement to be signed between the project beneficiaries and the cooperation agreement between the project consortium and the complementary Grant (the ITD). The latter can be either an ""implementation agreement"" or a direct access to the ITD Agreement (by signing the ITD agreement). The deliverable document must include the cover pages and the signature pages of the 2 signed agreements."

Plan for Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation of project results

This document will contain the plan of communication activities, a plan for dissemination of project results and a plan for exploitation of project results and handling of IP rights linked to project outputs.

Report for Communication and Dissemination of project results

This document will report on the public activities

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Analyse und Optimierung einer optischen Impulserzeugung mit Hilfe eines EOM(Analysis and optimization of an optical pulse generation with the help of an EOM)

Author(s): TIm Jungbluth
Published in: 2020
Publisher: University

Fiber-Optic Temperature Sensor for Bleed Air Leak Detection with cm-Scale Spatial Resolution

Author(s): B. Marx, T. Jungbluth, K. Warstat, T. Jostmeier, A. Schroeder, and W. Hill
Published in: Optical Sensors 2020 - STu4D.2, yearly, 2020, Page(s) STu4D.2, ISBN 978-1-943580-78-1
Publisher: Optical Society of America