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European Sensor System for CBRN Applications


Dissemination Report (I)

This deliverable will report all dissemination activities that were performed during the project. The dissemination reports will be delivered at the end of a given project year.

User Requirements

This report will comprise the user requirements collected during the Stakeholder Workshop. The requirements will be prioritized, consistent, traceable and unbiased.

Report with Algorithms Specifications

A report that provides the specification and design of the algorithms for situational awareness improvement (threat source location estimation and hazard prediction).

Training and Simulation Mode Concept

This deliverable comprises the output of task 3.5 and will provide a detailed concept of the EU-SENSE training mode. Moreover, the training mode integration plan will be provided in order to specify how it will incorporated in the system.

Key Performance Parameters

This deliverable will include the formulated key performance parameters that will be utilized during the project for verification and validation processes.

Annual Report (I)

The report summarizes the work performed throughout the year. Two such reports are foreseen.

Project Website

Publicly available website of the project will be created. The website will feature all up-to-date information about the project.

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