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Palaeoglaciological advances to understand Earth’s ice sheets by landform analysis


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A quasi-annual record of time-transgressive esker formation: implications for ice sheet reconstruction and subglacial hydrology.

Author(s): Livingstone, Lewington, Clark, Storrar, Sole, McMartin, Dewald, Ng
Published in: The Cryosphere, 2019, ISSN 1994-0416
DOI: 10.5194/tc-2019-273

Morphometry of a glacier-linked esker in NW Tempe Terra, Mars, and implications for sediment-discharge dynamics of subglacial drainage

Author(s): Frances E.G. Butcher, Matthew R. Balme, Susan J. Conway, Colman Gallagher, Neil S. Arnold, Robert D. Storrar, Stephen R. Lewis, Axel Hagermann
Published in: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Issue 542, 2020, Page(s) 116325, ISSN 0012-821X
DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2020.116325