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Multifunctional Digital Materials Platform for Smart Integrated Applications


DIGISMART creates new avenues into two main areas: 1) processing nanomaterials/nanostructures applied to electronic devices by exploring a new digital multifunctional direct laser writing (LDW) method for in situ synthesis of small-sized nanomaterials/nanofilms micro-patterned growth by selective photothermal decomposition of semiconductors, dielectrics and conductors precursors and 2) provide simultaneously multifunction to single based metal oxide devices (like thin film transistors, the workhorses for large area electronics having electron, charge and color modulation), as the basic unit to promote systems’ integration by exploring the use of new advanced materials with unique multi-functionalities using low cost process solutions.
This new fabrication process will be very useful for low-cost, eco-friendly, and efficient fabrication of nanostructures and thin films-integrated microelectronic devices due to its low-power, simple setup as well as excellent reliability. This new and disruptive concept will be achieved with low cost and non-toxic materials (new metal oxides, MO semiconductors, conductors, dielectrics and electrochromics free of In and Ga) associated to a low cost process multifunctional platform technology (ALL-IN-ONE TOOL) well supported by high-resolution nano-characterization techniques. With DIGISMART new and unexplored materials will be produced as well as to boost the original properties of conventional materials in order to contribute to the needs for low cost and flexible electronics. If we succeed to embed some level of intelligence in every object, this would change electronics and it would change society, ranging from embedded window displays to a wide range of biomedical electronics, just to mention a few and this is what the Internet of Things is looking for.

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Continente Área Metropolitana de Lisboa Área Metropolitana de Lisboa
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