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A social based online survey platform

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Charity 24-7 (A social based online survey platform)

Reporting period: 2017-12-01 to 2018-02-28

Publishable Summary
The Danish SME Realtime Research aims to pursue a major market opportunity through the maturation of a social based online platform – CHARITY24-7 and the business platform Realtime Research. Realtime Research applied SME phase 1 in order to achieve the study between users, Clients and consumers. Also SME support helped the company start up backend programming and creating the corresponding APP.
The 2 platforms, consist of two sides working together simultaneously, online consumer surveys and charity donations. CHARITY24-7/Realtime Research approach is based on a shared value business model that joins (i) the need for consumer data by consumer goods retailers/manufacturers/service companies from different sectors(ii) the engagement of surveys participants and (iii) the need for donations by NGO’s and Charity organisations.
Realtime Research developed the CHARITY24-7 APP-based frontend and the Realtime Research backend platform, that enables companies to automatically generate online surveys to obtain consumer behaviour and preferences in real time and in a easy way (user friendly). The consumers are incentivized to fill out the surveys, as they can make a donation to one of our partner NGO’s, sponsored by the the company making the survey, and scrath a scratchcard every time they fill out a survey.
The customers have the same premium service provided by traditional survey companies, but at a price that is 70-90% cheaper than average market price and with a strong real-time response.
3 pictures from Charity24-7 APP