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Olmedo Smart Ambulance real-time diagnosis System

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - OSAS (Olmedo Smart Ambulance real-time diagnosis System)

Reporting period: 2017-12-01 to 2018-03-31

In 2017, 1 million of road accidents occurred in Europe with consequences of 1.4 million injured and 26,100 fatalities. Road Safety is a major societal issue. For every death on Europe's roads there are an estimated 4 permanently disabling injuries such as damage to the brain or spinal cord, 8 serious injuries and 50 minor injuries. Several studies have shown that it can reduce the pre-hospital emergency medical service mortality rates, with an appropriate early-diagnosis and treatment as well as reducing the time of the journey to the appropriate hospital. However due to unavailability of real time diagnostic integrate system and remote expert assistance from a doctor, accident victims can be misdiagnosed and given inadequate treatment and hospitalization. To improve survival chances of patients, there is a need for a comprehensive system to allow an early diagnosis and exchange of information on a patient’s state between paramedics and doctors using telemedicine technology.
We have developed a feasibility study for 4 months, focusing on: Technically, we have assessed the OSAS products functionality, identifying the final specifications and function list of the X-Link Communication system and Robot “O” Stretcher. We investigated the risk profile associated with meeting those specifications and functions and corresponding mitigation actions plan. We prepared the Execution Plan of Phase 2 project to bring OSAS to TRL9. Commercially, we assessed the targeted markets, barriers and competitors to prepare our marketing strategy. We have also developed the OSAS system business model for three products and set up final prices and profits.
Olmedo Smart Ambulance System (OSAS) is an innovative technology to assist patients in a the most efficient way in the event of accident, natural disaster, severe illnesses and other emergencies. It will reduce the manufacturing cost up to 30% of the ambulance and improves logistic efficiency (+25%) and ambulance availability (+20%). Moreover, it will reduce the stressful journeys for staff and patients, due to availability of remote expert help and provide an automatic inventory check and notification system to guarantee all medical device availability (+50%). OSAS project will also enable our company to grow, both financially- achieving revenues of approx. €63M and profits of €12M in 2024- and in personnel- we will hire 7 more people