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UNique Refinery Approach to Valorise European Lignocellulosics


Extractives composition of each feedstock

Celignis will determine quantitative profiles of the extractive compounds present in the samples’ extracts.

1st stakeholder engagement events and results’ evaluation report

TNO and EURIDA will jointly initiate and organise proven stakeholder formats that will be tailored to UNRAVEL’s needs. This report provides information about 1st stakeholder engagement events and a interim results’ evaluation report.

Rapid analysis models for lab-scale processing

Development of rapid analysis models for process intermediates/outputs.

Blueprint for integration of sensors in pilot plant

Report on how sensors can be integrated within a proposed integrated biorefinery and the implications on process control and efficiencies.

Lignocellulosic compositional profile of each feedstock

A thorough analysis of relevant compositional parameters of the samples will be undertaken.

Project online presence

EURIDA will design an initial project website which mainly aims to inform about the project, its aims, intended outcomes and outputs and the consortium.


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