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Sustainable Jet Fuel from Flexible Waste Biomass


Feedstock composition and system mass/energy balance

To determine feedstock composition and mass/energy balances to inform design specifications and reactor design limits. This task will also establish mass and energy balances for the system to understand flowrates, and process heat/cooling demands. Results and operational experience from dedicated pilot plant facilities at SUS UK and GF will be used as guidelines for the design. To be carried out until M4. Refers to task 2.1.

Design of flue gas infrastructure from defined syngas treatment requirements

Design of flue gas infrastructure from defined syngas treatment requirements. To be completedby M3. Refers to task 2.3

Catalogue of regulatory issues

Catalogue of regulatory issues. An intelligence and preparatory action aimed at collecting and sharing specific knowledge to better implement project actions and successful solutions delivered by the project in the follow up. The final output is a document and a highly informative, easy to use and simple database. To be completed in M3 and M14. Refers to task 8.4.

State of the art LCA model for SABR-TCR application selected

State of the art LCA model for SABR-TCR application selected. Establishment of state of the art LCA approaches applied to bio-refinery systems will be assessed and taken into consideration for the selection process. To be completed between M1 and M6. Refers to task 6.1.

Branding materials

Visual identity and project branding material. All partners will be provided with these materials and will be asked to distribute it at events, workshops and all other opportunities to raise awareness on the project. To be completed between M1 and M4. Refers to task 9.2.

Website and social media feeds online

A project’s website will be published by month 3, in order to raise awareness about the project’s activities. All the website content will be promoted via social media (mainly linkedin and twitter) and electronic newsletter Social media engagement will be sought also through the launch of initiatives such as hashtags to engage with the general public, surveys and spontaneous public consultations among social media users (mainly Linkedin, Twitter). This will be completed between months 1 and 3. Refers to task 9.3.

Open Research Data Pilot

Open Research Data Pilot. Not related to any specific task.


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Life Cycle Inventory of a pre-commercial demo plant using an innovative technology for the production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) from flexible waste biomass.

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