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Investigation of a novel immune cell type in Tuberculosis: characterization of the specificity, function and pathogen killing ability of T cells restricted by non-classical HLA-E molecules


Peptide Binding to HLA-E Molecules in Humans, Nonhuman Primates, and Mice Reveals Unique Binding Peptides but Remarkably Conserved Anchor Residues

Author(s): Paula Ruibal, Kees L. M. C. Franken, Krista E. van Meijgaarden, Joeri J. F. van Loon, Dirk van der Steen, Mirjam H. M. Heemskerk, Tom H. M. Ottenhoff, Simone A. Joosten
Published in: The Journal of Immunology, 2020, Page(s) ji2000810, ISSN 0022-1767
Publisher: American Association of Immunologists
DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.2000810

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