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Novel nanometrically structured therapeutic hydrogel as injectable for fascial tissues surrounding the nerves intended for preventive treatment of chronic pain


The key goals of the “TherGeLFas” project are: (a) the training of a talented experienced researcher in the fast growing field of innovative biomaterials for medical applications where the host and partner institutions have a critical knowledge and expertise; and, (b) the design and development of cost- efficient polymer materials in order to develop a new medicinal product for post-operative acute pain treatment and prevention of chronification.
The aim of the research project and the main scientific challenge is thereby to develop a ‘therapeutically effective’ hydrogel based injectable product to be applied during and post-surgery in the fascial tissue that protects the nerves where the pain originates and chronifies. TherGelFas expects to create the proof of concept of a new medicinal product by combining advanced materials (a biodegradable, antiseptic and biocompatible carrier, made of porous nanostructured hydrogel based on hyaluronic acid) with the ability to load and release non-steroidal antiinflamatory drugs in a controlled manner. It is aimed for the improvement of the current multimodal strategies of peripheral nerve blockade injections used during and post-surgery in acute pain treatment to prevent it from becoming chronic and that unfortunately are unsuccessful many times.
The first achievement will be that of the training of the experienced researcher in new areas of knowledge such as business development from original concept stages to production scale-up, manufacturing and marketing stages. The second achievement will be to scientifically assess whether these hydrogels can improve and replace currently used therapies, to develop a proof-of-concept scalable product. The third achievement will be to learn how to perform correctly the necessary steps needed to launch a product of this kind, such as record and prepare all the documentation needed to present the product to the corresponding regulatory agencies.

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