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Exploring pathways for transformation to sustainability using the safe and just operating space concept at the regional level


SUccESS aims at identifying transformation pathways towards sustainability that are both safe, in terms of being within the ecological boundaries of a place, and just, in terms of being socially just. To achieve this at regional level, ecological boundaries and social foundations will be assessed, and these variables will be related to: 1) social foundations that need to be secured to avoid human deprivation; and 2) stakeholder's mental models of change, for chosen cases from Kenya. Based on these relationships, the initiative will explore pathways using a systems dynamic approach to ensure a safe and just operating space (SJOS) for transformation to sustainability. This integrative approach provides an innovative way to address the sustainability of social-ecological systems (SES) and their transformation options in a globalized context. This will also help to develop methodology aimed at defining boundaries for sustainable development that can be applied to identify tipping points, limits to growth and limits to adaptation across the world.


Net EU contribution
€ 187 419,60
3012 Bern

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Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera Espace Mittelland Bern / Berne
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 187 419,60