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Improved Coherence Fast Swept Source Lasers for Optical Imaging Applications

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Turbulent coherent structures in a long cavity semiconductor laser near the lasing threshold.

Author(s): Andrei Vladimirov; Guillaume Huyet; Uday Gowda; Alexander Pimenov; Svetlana Slepneva; Evgeny A. Viktorov; Amy Roche
Published in: Optics Letters, 1, 2020, ISSN 1539-4794
Publisher: OSA
DOI: 10.20347/wias.preprint.2724

Convective Nozaki-Bekki holes in a long cavity OCT laser

Author(s): Svetlana Slepneva, Ben O’Shaughnessy, Andrei G. Vladimirov, Sergio Rica, Evgeny A. Viktorov, Guillaume Huyet
Published in: Optics Express, 27/11, 2019, Page(s) 16395, ISSN 1094-4087
Publisher: Optical Society of America
DOI: 10.1364/oe.27.016395

Coherence transfer in an akinetic swept source OCT laser with optical feedback

Author(s): S. Slepneva, A. Kovalev, N. Rebrova, K. Grigorenko, E. Viktorov, G. Huyet
Published in: Optics Letters, 44/21, 2019, Page(s) 5161, ISSN 0146-9592
Publisher: Optical Society of America
DOI: 10.1364/ol.44.005161