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Visual Exploration and Sampling Toolkit for Extreme Computing


System Architecture Requirements

Report on system architecture requirements from VESTEC use-cases and sensor data.

Topological Proxies

Software library and documentation for the in-situ computation of topological proxies

Initial Design Document

Initial design document of the VESTEC system architecture.

Forest Fire Simulation Specification

Report about forest fire simulation system specifications. Storyboard for use case execution.

Dissemination Report 1

This deliverable will present VESTEC dissemination, standardization, and collaboration activities, and it will include an update of the dissemination plan.

Spatial Mosquito Abundance Model

Report on Spatial mosquito abundance model

Initial Exploitation and Innovation Plan

First report about potential approaches to exploit the foreseen RTD results and the innovation strategy.

Dissemination Plan

This deliverable describes the dissemination plan including target audiences and activities

Sensor Data Assimilation

This report will describe the implementation and use of the VESTEC sensor data assimilation software. It will include a roadmap for any anticipated future developments.

Heterogenous Visualization

Software application and report on heterogeneous data visualization for the use cases.

Data Management Plan

Description of kind of datasets to be generated and how to provide and exploit them.

Project Website

Project website and project logo will be established to show the work of the project. It will focus on giving a clear message of the project’s achievements and act as a repository of information on VESTEC.

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Statistical Parameter Selection for Clustering Persistence Diagrams

Author(s): Max Kontak, Jules Vidal, Julien Tierny
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The Technologies Required for Fusing HPC and Real-Time Data to Support Urgent Computing

Author(s): Gordon Gibb, Rupert Nash, Nick Brown, Bianca Prodan
Published in: 2019 IEEE/ACM HPC for Urgent Decision Making (UrgentHPC), 2019, Page(s) 24-34
DOI: 10.1109/urgenthpc49580.2019.00009

Topological Analysis of High Velocity Turbulent Flow

Author(s): Thibault Bridel-Bertomeu, Benjamin Fovet, Julien Tierny, Fabien Vivodtzev
Published in: 2019 IEEE 9th Symposium on Large Data Analysis and Visualization (LDAV), 2019, Page(s) 87-88
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An Overview of the Topology ToolKit

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Task-based Augmented Reeb Graphs with Dynamic ST-Trees

Author(s): Gueunet, Charles; Fortin, Pierre; Jomier, Julien; Tierny, Julien
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Ranking Viscous Finger Simulations to an Acquired Ground Truth with Topology-Aware Matchings

Author(s): Maxime Soler, Martin Petitfrere, Gilles Darche, Melanie Plainchault, Bruno Conche, Julien Tierny
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Stochastic decision trigger modelling to assess the probability of wildland fire impact

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Progressive Wasserstein Barycenters of Persistence Diagrams

Author(s): Jules Vidal, Joseph Budin, Julien Tierny
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A Topological Data Analysis perspective on noncovalent interactions in relativistic calculations

Author(s): Małgorzata Olejniczak, André Severo Pereira Gomes, Julien Tierny
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The Role of Interactive Super-Computing in Using HPC for Urgent Decision Making

Author(s): Nick Brown, Rupert Nash, Gordon Gibb, Bianca Prodan, Max Kontak, Vyacheslav Olshevsky, Wei Der Chien
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Topological Data Analysis Made Easy with the Topology ToolKit, A Sequel

Author(s): Falk, Martin; Garth, Christoph; Gueunet, Charles; Levine, Joshua,; Lukasczyk, Jonas; Tierny, Julien; Vidal, Jules
Published in: IEEE Visualization Conference, Tutorials, Oct. 19-25, Vancouver, Canada, Issue 1, 2019