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Error-Proof Optical Bell-State Analyzer


Optical chips for quantum emitters

Report on fabrication of optical chips that are optimised for the coupling to emitters.

Coupling ensembles/single emitters to guided light + non-linear response

Report on the coupling of Rydberg atoms as well as single molecular quantum emitters to chipguided light Report on ultrastrong nonlinear optical response

Number-resolved detection

Report on photon-number resolved detection of chip-guided light.

Novel photonic devices

Report on novel photonic devices such as non-destructive detectors.

Photon routing

Report on photon number-dependent sorting/filtering of guided light.

Framework for on-chip Rydberg non-linearities

Report on theoretical framework for on-chip Rydberg non-linearities.

Fibre-to-chip coupl., opt. circuitry

Report on development of optimised fibre-to-chip couplings and low-loss optical circuitry.

Feedback Master equation

Report on derivation and analysis of feedback Master equation for light-matter networks.

Cold atoms on optical chip

Report on coupling of cold ground state atoms to chip-guided light.

Calc. emitter-waveguide coupling

Report on optimisation of atom-waveguide/fibre coupling.

Data management plan

A data management plan will be devised.

Wiki & social media site

A Wiki for internal use and a social media site for public out-reach will be established.

Webpage & logo

A project webpage will go online including the project logo

International workshop

An international workshop will be organized and hosted.

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Novel single-mode narrow-band photon source of high brightness tuned to cesium D2 line

Author(s): Amir Moqanaki, Francesco Massa, Philip Walther
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Experimental Two‐Way Communication with One Photon

Author(s): Francesco Massa, Amir Moqanaki, Ämin Baumeler, Flavio Del Santo, Joshua A. Kettlewell, Borivoje Dakić, Philip Walther
Published in: Advanced Quantum Technologies, 2/11, 2019, Page(s) 1900050, ISSN 2511-9044
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Fiber-compatible photonic feed-forward with 99% fidelity

Author(s): Guilherme Luiz Zanin, Maxime J Jacquet, Michele Spagnolo, Peter Schiansky, Irati Alonso Calafell, Lee A Rozema, Philip Walther
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Prospects for strongly coupled atom-photon quantum nodes

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Subradiance-protected excitation transport

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Quantum computing with graphene plasmons

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Experimental few-copy multipartite entanglement detection

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Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
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