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Mass Spectrometry for Single Particle Imaging of Dipole Oriented protein Complexes


Stability range and charge distribution of electrosprayed ions

MD simulations and pilot studies will be performed.

Instrumental settings for structural integrity

IM, action-FRET and UVPD in comparison to available solution phase data and structures will be used to confirm structural integrity of protein complexes in the gas phase.

Dissemination and Exploitation plan

The HPI is going to outline a dissemination and exploitation plan which will be updated on a regular basis as the project proceeds.

X-MS-I prototype design for integration

The X-MS-I prototype for European XFEL will include the aerolens, digital ion trap, IM and orientation device. Ions will follow a linear trajectory. A short ToF with VMI detector will be added behind the interaction region to allow for offline system testing, online quality control of the samples and monitoring mass selectivity of ions that have not been hit by the laser pulse.

Requirements from simulations for SPI experiments

Methods for integrating actionFRET and IM data with MD simulations have been successfully developed so that now the necessary requirements for performing the actual experiments can be documented

Evaluation of component tests

Methods for ion gating acceleration and trapping of high mass ions at intermediate pressure in the hybrid RF ion guide of the aerolens will be tested to enhance desolvation while maintaining structural integrity of the proteins under investigation

Software pipeline for device modelling

The aerolens, digital ion trap and IM cell will be characterised for large ions using ion optical modelling prior to manufacturing. Required pressures, theoretical performance for trapping, mass selection and combination with IM device have to be defined to inform benchmarking in WP4. This will culminate in a software pipeline for simulation, testing, evaluation and implementation of instrumentation.

Public and internal web services, logo

The European XFEL-partner is going to establishing a cooperative internet working platform at the start of the project to facilitate communication, spreading of knowledge, internal publication of results and reports.

Data management plan

The HPI is going to generate a data management plan which meets the needs of the project and participating partners and this document will be updated on a regular basis as the work proceeds.


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Norovirus Superstar

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