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AOAC Certification

Official report of AOAC cetification bodies that will include the results of the whole validations and conclusions.

CE Certification by external laboratory

Report of an independent organization that will validate the parameters included in the EU Directives 2014/35/EU, 2014/30/EU and 2011/65/EU in order to accomplish CE conformity.

App for smartphones

Two Apps for smartphones (iOS and Android) ready to download and check their functionalities. The report will include photos of the main screens and a description of the functionalities.

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Test4all de Zeulab

Author(s): Larbus
Published in: TECHPRESS, 2019

La transformación del control de alimentos en la era digital

Author(s): Pedro Razquin
Published in: 2020

Test4all: Control de antibióticos al alcance de todos, donde y cuando quieras

Author(s): Pedro Razquin
Published in: 2020

Test4all: Antibiotics control by anyone, at anytime and anywhere

Author(s): Pedro Razquin
Published in: 2020

Solutions for farmers: How to avoid losing over €2,000 after a positive antibiotics residue test.

Author(s): Pedro Razquin
Published in: 2020

DATA REVIEW: How to detect the 128 authorized medicines for mastitis?

Author(s): Pedro Razquin
Published in: 2020

Larbus: como detectar antibióticos autorizados para la detección de la mastitis

Author(s): LARBUS, SL
Published in: TECNIFOOD, 2020

Eclipse Farm 4G & COMET system receives AOAC approval

Author(s): Pilar Villar, Sofia Andaluz and Pedro Razquin
Published in: 2021

Validation of the Eclipse Farm 4G & COMET for Detection of Antibiotics in Raw Bovine Milk: AOAC Performance Tested Method SM 022101

Author(s): Pedro Razquin, David Sanz, Adrián Marco, Vanesa Carrascón, Sofía Andaluz, Lourdes Soler, Alejandra Antón, Luis Mata
Published in: Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL, 2021, ISSN 1060-3271
DOI: 10.1093/jaoacint/qsab061