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Multimode light shaping: from optical fibers to nanodevices


The project MODES arises in the framework of the emerging interest for nonlinear multimode processes in optical fibers, and wants to extend it to on-chip waveguides and nanoparticles, where the study of the nonlinear multimode dynamics is still on its infancy.
This project is based on a central key-idea: by properly engineering a multimode system, we can shape and master the nonlinear interaction between the modes into play, and finally exploit it for novel applications in several strategic areas.
This project has therefore a dual nature: one key-idea but multidisciplinary, heterogeneous applications. It focuses on 4 main strategic areas (SA) and identifies an objective (OBJ) for each one, which is related to the exploitation of a specific nonlinear multimode process:

SA1: Support technology for Spatial Division Multiplexing (SDM) >>> OBJ1: the project investigates the development of wideband multimode wavelength converters and amplifiers

SA2: High-capacity SDM data-transmission >>>OBJ2: the project investigates the existence of multimode solitons leading to an undistorted, high-quality propagation in multicore and multimode optical fibers

SA3: On-chip infrared optical sources >>>OBJ3: the project targets the development of on-chip, widely tunable optical sources that may be used to selectively detect important environmental gases in the whole infrared spectrum

SA4: Shaping the nonlinear radiation at nanoscale >>>OBJ4: the project aim at developing a new theoretical insight into the way higher-harmonic radiation is emitted in complex nanostructures. Finally, it wants to and to exploit this new knowledge in view of an ultrafast conversion from invisible to visible light.

To conclude, by addressing new theoretical problems and unveiling a new multimode technology, MODES aim at opening new frontiers in nonlinear optics and being pioneer in the field of nonlinear multimode nanophotonics.

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SO17 1BJ Southampton
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