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Accelerating the transition to low carbon electrified mobility with a disruptive increase in e-machine efficiency at reduced cost

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - Capcooltech (Accelerating the transition to low carbon electrified mobility with a disruptive increase in e-machine efficiency at reduced cost)

Reporting period: 2019-05-01 to 2020-11-30

Dynamic E flow (dEf) is an early-stage start-up with strong electric engineering expertise. We enable automotive manufacturers to build high performance electric machines with twice the power at a fraction of the cost. Our core innovation is the flexible enameled hollow capillary wire (Capcooltech® wire) and the related connection technology (Capcooltech® box). By increasing the power density of electric machines while reducing costs and complexity, we accelerate the transition to electrified vehicles and the achievement of the EU and global environmental targets. The European Commission support will be an excellent validation of our venture, and by supplementing our private funding will help increase our technology uptake by the European industry and attract additional investors and strategic partners in the EU, Asia and the USA. We performed in-depth feasibility and industrialization studies, culminating in a strategy for long term growth, midterm business plan, and Road-map 2025. Our R&D and market uptake are supported by excellent stakeholder knowledge. We cooperate very closely with our advisory board, leading experts of automotive and scientific and industrial research centres like Bundeswehr University Munich. Other supportive institutions include Technical University Munich and RWTH Aachen. The proprietary elements of capcooltech® have been validated in-house and by third parties. Special attention and effort were made in developing the related tooling for industrialized, automated manufacturing to ensure scale-ability and rapid market uptake. In our markets , our technology is virtually irresistible. For automotive manufacturers, it is essentially substituting conventional electric machines with Capcooltech® machines, getting more power at less cost. By 2025, our total addressable market will reach 30 million electrified vehicles. The timely introduction of Capcooltech® in 2018/9 would enable capturing a significant share of that market.
The work performed in the first period of the project is explained below based on the work packages;

• WP1: Different possible topology was defined with our cooling technology. At the end of the work package, we finalized our winding scheme and topology.

• WP2: The first-generation of the motor is designed and constructed.

• WP3: This work package involves with the optimization of the first-generation motor, currently the design phase is going on.

• WP4: Here we build a technology carrier with our capcooltech® motor. So far, the adaptation of out technology in the e-Smart is completed and we are currently working on the e-Scooter, Schwalbe L1e. We use the e-Smart to present our technology, in order to sell our product we offer the e-Smart for test-drives to experience the difference between other motor and our capcooltech® motor.

• WP6: This work package is related to the communication and dissemination plan of the project. We have connection with the tier-1 and tier-2 companies for a possibility of collaboration. This was only achieved because of the EU-Grant project. There are also several Fairs, Presentations and, Awards competition that we participated. The list is given in the Part B of the technical report under Work-Package 6.

• WP7: The project management is active for the complete period of the project. This work package also involves with the Patent management. The list of the active patents are mentioned under the Patent section of the Part A of the technical report.
The State of the art:
Electric machines suffer from low power density, and increasing their power poses cooling challenges. State of the art cooling is done indirectly, from the insulated wire surface, where the heat conductivity is about 0.4 W/mK.

Expected results at the end of the project:
Electrical motors with capcooltech successfully introduced into the market.

Potential Impact:
Tier-1 suppliers are pressured by OEM’s to develop competitive EV power-trains. This pressure is particularly significant in the Hybrid power-trains, where the competition for higher power density and lower cost per kW is fierce. Taking advantage of the high degree of Capcooltech® compatibility with state of the art machines, we expect testing with Capcooltech® machines to begin towards the end of this project (2020).
dEf Capcooltech® electric motor
This Photo was taken when our EU-Grant project coordinator came to visit us.