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A cost- energy-efficient treatment technology to remove pharmaceutical pollutants from water


Final (public) report

The final report of the project summarizing the result from the project. To be used as the official report on the project.

Official report summary

Summary of the reported evaluation of PFS in official channels by opinion leaders

Public tender report

Summary of turned in public tenders into key markets

Trial performance report 4

Report on the demonstration trials run in collaboration with Renexus

Collaboration and customer report

Report on established customers and collaboration from industrial conferences where PFS has been promoted

Trial preformance report 1

Report of the result on the first trial demonstration system run in collaboration with KWR

Pharem Filtration System market introduction report 2

Report on established collaboration from agent and showcase activity

Pharem Filtration System optimization report

The final report for work package 1 summarizing the optimized parameters for the system design.

Stakeholder validation analysis

Summary evaluation of the stakeholder analysis for the execution of PFS

Press release report

Summary of press releases done for the project

Final Pharem Filstration System design trial report

Evaluation and summary of the executed demonstration sites.

Trial performance report 2

Result of the second trial demonstration system run in collaboration with SYVAB

Competitive intelligence report 2

Summary of articles and media coverage of the system and impact of social media campaigns

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